Archer T2U Fix not working

Hi there, OSMC (and Linux) noob here, so be easy on me.

I recently bought the Archer T2U wifi dongle and like others, discovered it doesn’t work out of the box with my device (Raspberry Pi 2). Following the instructions in this thread:

(Involved adding a couple lines to rc.local)

I have managed to get the wireless option to display in My OSMC, however enabling the adapter freezes the Pi for a couple of seconds and then tells me to check the log.
The log tells me

WARNING: Trying to add unsupported control type 17

(Not sure how the log file uploader works, it never gives me a url)

How can I get this adapter working? Is it possible?

Download for Archer T2U | TP-Link United Kingdom says that there are 3 versions of the T2U. According to the relevant “Installation Guide for Linux”, v2 uses a Mediatek driver and v3 uses a Realtek driver. Realtek support has been removed in the Raspberry Pi 4.19 kernel.

So no matter what, the V3 is incompatible with all Raspberry Pi models?

You might have success compiling the driver yourself, but Realtek WiFi drivers are no longer provided with the OSMC kernel.

Any idea how I might go about doing that? I suppose this isn’t the best place to ask really, that’s more a generic Linux issue…

You could start by reading the Instalation Guide for Linux.