Artist Slideshow fails with OSMC & Kodi 18.5 [solved with temporary fix]

Artist Slideshow stopped working on the Vero 4k (OSMC skin) after updating to the November '19 version. The screen instead displays an alert that the skin “does not support the new slideshow display”. The Kodi forums indicate this alert refers to versions older than 18.5 but that shouldn’t be the case here I would expect. I reinstalled the latest OSMC to have a “fresh” installation but AS still fails. Given the lack of queries on the forum I have to conclude this is a problem with my installation/settings rather than OSMC - or did I miss an announcement?.
As a start, can someone please list the settings necessary for a working AS with OSMC ?

There will be a skin update soon that’ll fix this.


In the short term, you can download the old 2.x version from here (I maintain Artist Slideshow).

You need to remove AS 3.x, install 2.x, and then set it not to auto update.

Thank you - uninstalled 3.1, installed 2.1.5, rebooted and good to go.

This should be fixed with today’s skin update: OSMC Skin update - OSMC :+1:t2: