Atmos issues

Atmos issues over 10mbit drop-outs…

The advanced setting curlclienttimeout might help. Its default is apparently 10 seconds.

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Is Plex or Plex Kodi Connect considered an http or ftp connection?

Thanks for the help!

We were just having a small debate about this. Since we didn’t write the add-ons, it’s difficult to say. Plus, curl is able to access a wider range of URI “schemes” than just http and ftp, so it’ll be down to how it’s been coded deep inside Kodi and in the add-ons.

I’d suggest you just try it. If it doesn’t work, you’ve lost nothing.

Indeed! Thank you. I’ll get to it soon. Cheers!

Seems to be working so far! Thanks!

Nope. Went to my Vero 4K today to try and fire up the latest Pirates of the Caribbean UHD, and got the dreaded message “One or more items failed to play.” Had to hit OK again, and it fired up.

Any other ideas?

Also, then encountered the dreaded Dolby Atmos drop-outs around 17:45-19:00. So double issues today, both of which appears to not be “directly” the Vero 4K’s fault!

So sad…

How are you accessing the NAS?

Through Plex or Plex Kodi Connect - usually the latter.

So the NAS runs a Plex Server? I guess you will have more success than on the Plex and/or Kodi addon forum

Maybe. It’s hard to tell sometimes where Vero support and Kodi support overlap…

Cheers for trying, though. Hopefully the Atmos issue is addressed at some point, too.

Well generally any addons, Kodi base functions or external applications are best supported in the respective forum.
Any playback issue that is related to the hardware or underlying OS are best taken care here.
But surely often enough there are also people around here who have ideas on other topics.

Try playback from local storage first and let me know if Atmos is still problematic.


I can do that, but as I understand it it’s something to do with high-bitrate Atmos tracks over 10mbit. Just a couple of them.

Okay, so this always occurs at the exact same spot? This would be good to know to reproduce the problem


Yes always at the exact same spot.

I was able to reproduce post 2 every time.

Thanks, this is helpful to know

Sure thing. I suspect this issue will get more and more prevalent with Disney movies like these trouble ones with high-bitrate Atmos tracks. Definitely annoying!

Sam, you mentioned a week or so back that you thought you may have a solution for the high bitrate Atmos problem - any luck?

Not yet — there won’t be another round of audio improvements for a little while yet