ATV OSMC Updating?

Should the automatic update work?
It seems my installation (11.16.) found an update, but no progress since a few hours. Still says it’s downloading.
How to update an existing installation?
Cheers joeben


You should download the latest image from the OSMC blog.

If this issue persists, please start a new post with a full set of logs.

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.


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That version has a bug and won’t identify itself to the update server correctly. you will need to download the latest image

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OK. Thanks.
So I followed the instructions in the wiki for the manual upgrade via command line. This worked just fine.

The bug in the pre 11.17 version identifies the ATV install incorrectly and tries to install the wrong updates. This could break the system.

I understand. So I will go for a clean install and use 11.18.

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Hi Sam,
keep seeing references to a automatic update, any more info on this. ?



Got it Sam, that cleared that up, brilliant bit of work, I love the OSMC skin with no clutter, and the original ATV1 Remote seems to be more responsive, I’m using a Verbatim 64gb USB3 SSD external drive, and it works a treat, but still can’t wait to get it installed onto the internal Msata SSD drive. Keep up the good work Sam, Respect to you.

Thanks for the kind words – will keep you posted re. HDD progress.