Audio dropouts 4k Atmos on m2ts and mkv

Are you testing the v21 builds?

I can update to latest v21 shortly. Although there is no solid 21.1 date yet I can bump to top of tree. There have been some improvements.


I’m using whatever the current stable OSMC release is.

I could test beta/nightly builds if you’d like, but I usually just stick to whatever updates you guys roll out through the normal channels with auto update.

So I decided to try the UHD folder by copying it to an external SSD I have and then plugging that into the Vero V.

Surprisingly it did very well.
It passes the 64/104 and 65/105 branches with no issues but it does do the very slight audio drop out at the 105/116 branch.
Checked a few more branches and it performed identical to my MKVToolNix remux.
Go figure.

NOTE: I shut the V down before plugging in my SSD. When it booted up I got some message in the upper corner about Pulse-Eight CEC something or other, but I don’t think that has anything to do with what we are talking about here.

Kodi v21 has a number of HD audio fixes. Kodi v20 is EOL and won’t be receiving any more updates

I’d suggest waiting for the next update and reporting back

How soon do you expect to be rolling that out?

When Kodi v21.1 is released.

You can install the current test builds any time however.

Watched Independence Day with the family tonight; the Extended Edition that I remuxed from the UHD.
It has a DTS:X soundtrack, so not Dolby TrueHD but object based, and it is a 2 in 1 UHD so I am assuming seamless branching, but I’ll have to check the disc.
No issues with minor audio drop outs that I could notice but near the end (at about 02:03:15) it had an audio drop out that it never recovered from and I had to skip back 10 seconds to get the audio back on and it played through that segment and finished the movie without any other issues.
I’m not sure if it’s related at all or something completely different but figured I’d post my experience here for the record.

If you are still testing this on Kodi v20, I see little point. It is EOL and the improvements are all in Kodi v21.


Yeah, I’m past testing.
Just sharing observations from casual viewing with the family.

Any idea on when v21 stable should be hitting Veros on an auto update?
Days? Weeks? Months?

it is all ready

Just waiting for Kodi v21.1. We always wait for a point release.

Okay, so if I get v21 right now from the testing repository, in theory it would be the same as the v21 everyone will get when Kodi decides to do v21.1 and you send v21 out for auto updates?

If so then I’ll update now.