Audio glitches (blips or chirps, no cut outs)

Okay, so Wednesday night I watched 10 Cloverfield Lane, a UHD I had just recently remuxed using MakeMKV, and while watching the movie I was getting chirps.
At first I thought it was the sounds of forks hitting a dinner plate since they were sitting at the table eating when I noticed it, but it continued randomly in other scenes and my wife was saying that’s definitely not right and I agreed.
So I gave the Vero a reboot and it still did it.
So then I tried switching from the Atmos track to the DD 5.1 track and the chirps never came back.
So I’m thinking it might have just been my remux and I’ll redo the remux on the weekend and see if it still does it.
The next night we watched a standard BD remux I made of Blast from the Past and there was no issues.
Then tonight we watched Air Force One, another UHD remux with Atmos, and it started chirping again.
Switched it to DD 5.1 just to get through the movie with my wife.
And that’s a much older remux of mine from an earlier version of MakeMKV, whereas the Cloverfield one was made just recently with the newest MakeMKV.
So it didn’t affect the regular BD which just has DTS-HD MA but it affected two different UHDs that had Atmos.
Might be an Atmos issue, maybe TrueHD, I don’t know.
But I will be enabling logging next time I watch a UHD, probably tomorrow night, and hopefully getting more information for you guys.
Until then I just wanted to throw this out there just in case anyone else has experienced this.
I have watched hundreds of movies on my Vero, probably half of which are UHD with Atmos, and have never experienced this issue before so I’m thinking it’s something new.

I don’t want to see the stats in the upper left hand corner when I watch my next UHD remux with debugging/logging enabled, how do you toggle it off?

If you rewind does it do the chirps in the same place each time? Do you have a PC/Laptop to test the playback on?
I have a Vero 4k+ with all the official updates, remux my own UHDs and haven’t encountered this issue (so far!).

Yeah it was doing it in the exact same spots if I rewind and check it.
But now I can’t duplicate it at all.
Totally weird.
Hopefully it was just a fluke and it never returns.

Some of those large UHD rips need faster HDMI cables, make sure all your cables are 2.0+ and not 1.4.

Also if you are using wifi that could be a factor as well, if it is not fast enough for the throughput. The other factor could be any network cables or switches not being full gigabit.

Thanks for the advise.
Cables are up to spec and files are stored locally on an attached USB HDD.
I haven’t been able to duplicate the issue so I’m thinking it was some fluke glitch.

usb 2 should max out at about 30mbyte a second and the disk speed hopefully is quicker than that, usually is, unless its old.

When I play the largest 4k releases and check the transfer rate from my nas, it goes around 12-15mbyte a second.