Audio Offset Broken By May Update

Title says it all. I’m trying to improve a slight lip sync issue, but adjusting the audio offset seems to be broken. I can delay by quite a bit (eg. by a full second) and there’s no change. If I set the audio offset ahead, the video begins to sputter/judder at anything 0.225s or higher, yet the lip sync issue remains.

I just tested this quickly here and it’s working.
It won’t work for passthrough though. Do you have that enabled?

Yes, passthrough is enabled, but I’ve always had passthrough enabled and this used to work. I had a film that was off by 1000 ms once (DTS-HD MA) and used audio offset until I remuxed the audio.

I just tested on my system. Vero -> Yamaha AVR -> TV using passthrough and I was able to get the audio out of sync using offset.

I tried disabling passthrough, audio offset still isn’t working.

I have the same issue and audio sync has worked until the May update but now i get the same video issue if i go ahead by more than 0.225 seems to be dropping frames video becomes unwatchable. I am using passthrough but that has always worked previously.

  1. Does it work as expected with Vero connected direct to the display?

  2. What audio settings have you set on your AVR? Can you point us to the manual?

I have a projector, so connecting directly to the display is untestable in my case.

AVR settings are unchanged. The only change is the May update to the Vero 4K.

I asked what the settings are, not whether you had changed them. Someone else with an Onkyo may be able to reproduce or shed some light.

Set to Direct (no processing or mixing). Onkyo TX-NR555.

One relevant setting appears to be ‘auto lipsync’ which I guess should be off, since it relies on a ‘lipsync compatible TV’ whatever that is.

I will check for that.

If it helps i tested this again using Audio passthrough on Denon AVR-X6400H all video processing is turned off and lipsync is off on AVR so the receiver is passing not altering video.

I tried 1080p h264 DTS and 4k HDR h265 Atmos files all 23.98fps.

audio delay appears to do nothing and audio ahead greater than 0.225 causes the video to stutter really bad. it’s the same on every file i tried. didnt try anything that wasn’t 23.98. i can replicate this 100% of the time.

Same here. I notice also that there is now a
slight lip sync issue with the May update in general.

Experience the same issue as well after the May update. I’m using optical output.

Anybody discover the root cause? I have company coming over this weekend and would really like to get this bug squashed in case they spring for a movie.

It’s proving difficult. I can adjust +/- without issues on 1080 material. No stutters. I can also adjust +/- with 4k material (24Hz) but I do get little stutters when audio is set ahead of video. This is playing through a Yamaha AVR to a TV screen.

I think this may be a storage issue. If you skip ahead/delay the audio too much the storage has to constantly read from different positions in the file and this may result in the stuttering.

I experience the same, more noticable with high bandwith 4k and multi-audio files.
18.2 with latest development update.

Definitely not a storage issue on my end, happens regardless of bitrate or network or local.

@sam_nazarko, how can I revert back to the April release?

Back up your settings and library. Reinstall the December image and restore your settings and library.