Audio Rooting to both plugs simultaneously- Analog+HDMI

hi there . i got a problem. i always enjoyed while staying on Kodi v17, that ALSA audio rooting worked, as i needed it. what means: i was able to let my tv out, while - when wanting to hear just some music - switching on the standalone subwoofer / monitor system , that ´s connected to the pi via analogue cable. with updating to v19 this isn t possible anymore.

so my requests is: please bring back this feature. it was cool, energysaving, and just practical.

thx in advance. uli aka Wisniowski ( name of my Telly )

It’s on the TODO list, but meanwhile you can just switch the audio to analog and turn the TV off.

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how do i do this ? in the Kodi audio settings there are 3 entries, that are all the same . and in myOSMC ( pi-configuration - audio …) i tried several but none of them did work.

Did you enable analog output in config-user.txt?


hooray ! works for me ! thanks for the hint.

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