Audio speed/pitch control iffy on video start


I’m not sure if I should be taking this up here or log it against omxplayer, but in the least I’m asking here first…

On an RPI2 when starting to play videos the audio pitch (speed) very noticeably shifts several times before “settling”. This sounds VERY weird when playing music videos and for the first 5-10 seconds or so the pitch of the music is shifting wildly all over the place.

Seems to happen with a diverse range of video content. Audio-only files seem unaffected.


This has been discussed before:

BTW this is not OSMC specific or even Raspberry Pi specific. I get the same issue on the Mac version of Kodi. It is possible to work around it on the Raspberry Pi though as described in that thread.

Excellent! Thank you for the prompt reply. I did search around a bit, but didn’t use quite that nomenclature.