Audio surprise

Hi guys,

happy new owner of a Vero 4K+. Almost perfect and easy to set up. Well, the almost perfect probably has to do with my ignorance and lack of technical knowledge. I have a Marantz SR6008 that will not pass through the video signal at 60 Hz and I thought connecting the Vero to my Optoma UHD51 straight and then the audio to the receiver by optical cable would do the trick, but surprise, surprise, only stereo sound, no DTS-HD etc. So I am a bit at a loss and can choose between superb image or great sound. But I guess I am not the first with such problem and some of you might have a solution. My only idea would be a HDMI splitter that allows me to connect receiver and data show at the same time. Any thoughts? And sorry, if this is a bit off topic for this forum, but I thought you guys would be the best to ask.

This may give you some ideas:

It looks like the Marantz can do 4k at 24Hz at least, which most film titles are, I believe. Otherwise an HDMI splitter that can handle 4k at 60Hz is worth a try.

Thanks for the quick reply. For now I have to go with TOSlink. There is no sound coming through the receiver though. What are the exact settings to use on the Vero 4K+?

Solved. A splitter does the trick, but it has to be one that can handle the EDID information coming from the two devices and does not automatically output the resolution of the device supporting only a lower resolution to both devices (which most splitters do). I just got the “SIIG 4K 1x2 HDMI Splitter with EDID Management” from the US and it does the trick, when forcing it to use the EDID info of HDMI output 1 (4K, 60Hz, HDR) to both devices. This way I get the surround sound to the receiver on HDMI output 2, with high resolution settings on the Optoma simultaneously. Hope this helps others with this problem.