Audio/video out of sync

Since a while ago, can’t remember exactly when, the audio and video is out of sync.
I am using the spdif output and the problem is most noticeable on Dolby digital mkv sources I play back from my local LAN from a NAS.

I have to adjust audio to about -0.175 seconds and then the sync is about perfect.

My sister who also got a Vero and is using the spdif port was reporting the exact same issue to me yesterday, so I think It is not just me.

Any ideas?


I do not see a problem at all?
If the audio and video signals are not processed by the same device, I find it quite normal that the processing speed can differ. Even if the TV should be the only device getting both signals, it could be that there is delta between audio and video depending on the active TV’s video optimization features.

My 2 Cents,

Maybe you have a point. But the thing is that this problem was not there in the beginning. It was introduced with an update I think about two months ago.

Same problem here since a couple of weeks ago and Dolly digital source. SPDIF output. Mkv source. Some of my favourite series, eg Narcos, I have watched twice and now the second time it is out of sync. My technical environment have not changed.

Why have you not mentioned this sync issue in any of the dozen posts you’ve made in the last 2 months?

We cannot determine any issue without being provided debug enabled logs that demonstrate the problem.

This is still an issue and I bought my Vero because it was supposed to be simple and pretty plug and play. Not to provide logs… Neither me or my wife are interested in that. Hope some other user can contribute on this. Cheers Johan from Sweden.

In the meantime you can just adjust the audio to about -0.175 seconds and apply it to all videos. Then it will be remembered so you don’t have to think about it and the videos will play in sync.

Thanks Daniel242. It aint beautiful but works in the meantime. Still hopes someone can provide logs with SPDIF conf. and sync problems.


I have been following this issue. It may be possible for me to address this, but it’s not something I want to do when the October update is so near. Remind me in a couple of days after the October update and I can put a test build up here.


Hi Sam!

Great, will do.

Hi Sam!

Do you think this problem is solved in the next OSMC update? I’m using SPDIF and have to adjust audio delay to -0.175 every time we want to watch a video.

Cheers, Johan

Thanks for the reminder. I will add the fix for this.

I don’t think this bug is OSMC specific.

I use the Android version of Kodi 15.2 on a FireTV Stick in one room and I have the default audio offset set to -0.175 to get the audio sync correct as well. With it set to 0 the lip sync is way off.

I have added a latency offset here:

but I am concerned this may impact things for other users who do not experience latency.



do you have sync to disp turned on? do you have passthrough on spdif turned on?
do you have adjust display refresh rate set on ?

Hi Sam,

Exciting with the new Vero 2, good luck with that.

However, for me with the first gen. Vero this audio sync problem is still alive… FYI I have adjust display refresh rate turned on. I have always had this turned on and this wasn’t an issue before.

Hope you can solve this SPDIF problem once and for all :blush:


I have had a lip sync issue since the Nov release. Previous to this I had no issues and all movies were perfect. I was waiting for the Dec release to determine if the issue persisted before posting but it is still there.

@sam_nazarko if you need logs from me let me know.

@sam_nazarko can you comment? I thought the Dec update had addressed this but it hasn’t. The delay isn’t the same across media so setting a default delay doesn’t work in all instances. As mentioned, this started at the Nov 1st update which looks like the change you mentioned that went into this release caused the issue.

OK, I’ll revert this patch in the next update.


Thanks Sam