AVR passthrough not working after February update

My Vero 4k is connected to the Denon AVR2100. Until now, the passthrough worked if the receiver was switched off. Now it does not work anymore.

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Can you describe your set up, please? What is the signal you are trying to pass through and where is it going to after the AVR?

From Vero 4K hdmi to Denon. From Denon hdmi to Panasonic 4K TV. Sometimes I watch the series but the receiver is turned off and so far the signal is always (audio and video) going through the receiver without any problems.

Enable HPD Lock in Settings -> Display

I tried but did not help

Debug logs will be needed then


If the HPD lock is switched on then when I turn on the receiver, there is no picture at all, only the sound and I need to reset the player.

08:14:03.908 T:4040160000 DEBUG: CAESinkALSA::GetChannelLayout - Input Channel Count: 4 Output Channel Count: 8

Are you sure you’re trying to play a file that can be passed through?
Can you post MediaInfo of the file?

I am sure. Everything worked correctly until the last update.
The problem is that I have no picture until I turn on the reciver

Can I go back to the previous update?
Vero 4K is a good player but these things are very frustrating. I do not want to waste time on this :frowning:

You can install an older version of OSMC. Unfortunately I can’t think of anything that would have changed this behaviour off the top of my head.

If we can’t diagnose this we’ll likely not be able to fix this for you in the future. It’s not a good idea to stay on an old version forever.

I don’t really understand this bit. If the Vero 4K is connected to the Denon, and the Panasonic TV to the Denon, then the receiver will have to be on for you to get a picture.

If you turn on the TV and receiver and don’t see a picture, then please post a debug log of that so we can see why.


@Robertinos: The AVR HDMI passthrough very depends on the CEC protocol between your AVR and the TV.

Has any of them get a firmware update last days/time?

I do not use CEC. The only update was yesterday at Vero 4K and since then the pass does not work anymore

And the behavior was that if you powered-on the TV with the AVR in standby you could get video and sound on your TV, right?

Have you already tried to completely power off AVR and TV for some mins?

That’s right.
I tried to power off but did not help

What are the HDMI pass through settings on the Denon?

HDMI contlon ON/pass through sounce Vero 4K.
Everything worked fine to the latest update for Vero 4K.

I know from Panasonic TV and my Sony AVR that this AVR passthrough depends on some very special CEC communication between the TV and the AVR. I’m not sure whether the CEC function on the Vero participate in this.

Could you check whether CEC is active on the Vero at

Settings -> System -> Input -> Peripherals -> CEC adapter

interesting flags might be

  • enabled
  • Switch source to this device on startup
  • Device to power on during startup
  • force AVR to wake up when kodi is activated

You have to reboot the Vero to be sure all is active; give it a try whether this change anything.

It could have been the reboot during the update that stopped it working.
In my experience, HDMI passthrough is incredibly flaky.

I would try switching all of the passthrough settings to off and reboot the Vero, then switch them all back on again.

Believing the Denon AVR X2100W manual there are 3 settings crucial to the function in the HDMI settings

  • HDMI Pass Through
  • HDMI Control
  • Pass Through Source

Could not hurt to check them to avoid hunting phantom issues on the Vero.