Best AV Receiver - connected to a kodi/OSMC device?

Hi all,

I was a happy user of a AV-Receiver Kenwood KRF-X9050D - when suddenly the onboard processor died, thus it was not usable anymore.
I then went for a KRF-9300D receiver, which when I received it, avered to be a big mistake. Imagine, those *&%$& did put a Fan into it! (Yes, a FAN) because some components where actively working on the data (Video data).

The one thing I always liked about the Kenwood receivers was that the sound/audio was always coming through clean (tried Yamaha but that one was an even bigger mistake, Denon/Bose amplify Bass too much IMHO, Onkio didn’t have the power reserves so that when listing to a good beat, audio got distorted) for a decent price (~500 euro price tag).
Everyone who is an audio “purist”, knows that a well balanced setup is more important than the best components that do not play well together, and especially a decent source (SACD, Vinyle disks).

I however want to replace that one Kenwood receiver because every time I power it on, I can’t stand hearing the FAN.

So here my request to you folks:
What would be a good AV receiver, that has the following:

  • Price tag around 500 euro (Ok, I would go to 1000, but very honestly, when I see the setup of friends which are way more expensive than mine, I don’t know where that money went into).
  • 5.1 output for Home-Cinema (7.1 is Ok)
  • Decent Stereo playback
  • 4 HDMI in, 1 HDMI out
  • 100W per audio-channel min
  • No FAN
  • No network stuff

It does not require to be very fancy, preferably no Network and no stupid app for configuration. The less electronics inside, the better (from experience).

Any advice?

I like the pioneer vsx series. Good powerful sound and models in every budget range.

Yes, they have networking and stuff, but you can decide not to use it.

I have a Sony amp and found it far too complex to set up. Even now changing basic options requires consulting the manual. It seems I am not alone (suggested in reviews as well); but I cannot fault the sound itself.

Onkyo amps are pretty good, but a bit weak on the per-channel output.

Lately I bought the Denon AVR-X2300W and must say, no regrets. I’m a huge fan of Denon because of it sound. At this moment I have the rspi3 with OSMC installed playing over the receiver, no problem at all.

Most new models do have network/wifi, it’s your own choice if you want to work with it. For me it works outstanding, I plugged in an ethernet cable for a soled connection, works great.

Every device (tv receiver, blu ray, atv3 and raspi3) are plugged into the hdmi-in ports of the receiver and one hdmi cable is connecting the receiver with my Sony smart tv out-port (ARC).

Maybe you can look at the Denon receivers, you won’t regret it!

Good luck with your choice.

Thx folks.
I’ll check out what would be best here for me.
I need to find out what receiver would be the simplest (usage and setup), not requiring an app… :}

Just checked a little more in what exists and would suite me.
Decided to go for the NAD T 758. Ok, double of what I wanted to spend, but I prefere to be p* about the price I pay, than to be pissed for the duration I have the item (as with the current kenwood receiver)…