DTS-HD-MA and pass through

Sorry – I wasn’t clear.

For streaming via HDMI or SPDIF, just select HDMI. The point is that you shouldn’t be using the PCM output. i’ll likely rename the output to HDMI / SPDIF in the future to make this more clear.



I think you have misunderstood, I currently have a TV that only has a single HDMI port that will accept 4k content, the 3 other sockets will only accept 1080p on the TV.

I then have a Marantz AVR for Audio that accepts 4K content, but doesn’t support HDCP 2.2, which means in essence i cannot connect anything 4K via it

I then have a PS4 Pro, Sky Q satellite Box and a Vero 4K that all support 4k, but in the case of the Sky box and the PS4 pro, HDCP 2.2 is an absolute must, therefore i had to invest in a 5 port HDMI switch that supports 4k/60 and HDCP 2.2 so the Sky box, Vero and PS4 can all connect to that one 4k port on the TV.

I can only get DTS-HD from the Bluray player by virtue of the fact it is a standard bluray player that can feed directly into the AMP via HDMI, the video output of the amp is then connected to an entirely different HDMI socket on the TV (one of the 3x 1080p sockets).

In my desperation i even tried connecting the output of the AMP to the HDMI switch, but nothing liked that because i basically would have the Vero > Amp > Switch > TV, I am only surprised i didn’t tear a hole in the space time continuum which such a chain of device :slight_smile:

Ok Sam, I get you now, much appreciated

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I think I understand your setup now. Basically, none of your 4K devices can handle DTS-HD with your current setup, only the BD player since it’s directly connected to the AMP. What about using ARC? (I have no experience with ARC, since my AMP is a 20 year old Yamaha with no HDMI or DTS-HD support :wink: At least my TV is a little more modern than that; it does support 4K)

Sadly, that seems to be the case given i now know that DTS-HD will only work via HDMI and i can’t use HDMI unless i want to sacrifice 4K, the easiest solution would be a new amp, but in order to replace my Marantz with the current model it would cost over £400, which i am just not willing or able to do right now.

ARC isn’t an option either because the TV will only output 2 channel audio via ARC, unless it is a native app such as netflix.

I would go with a NAD amplifier… A breeze :} Had opened another thread about that.

Doesn’t seem like the NAD 758 is even available and even for the prices I am seeing for it, it’s into the territory for the Marantz anyway. Looks like a decent amp for sure, but I don’t actually want to buy one just now

Also doesn’t look like it supports 4K :frowning:

I didn’t check. I tend to connect my 4K devices directoy to my TV.

This is part of my whole problem, if i was willing to give up on 4k, i could go back to having everything through the amp

Just to clear things up a little, you don’t need hdcp 2.2 on your AVR to connect the Vero 4K in 4K resolution.
My Onkyo TX-NR626 only has HDMI 1.4 ports (HDCP 1.4), but it support 4K@30Hz passthrough.
My AVR, has no problems passing through 4k material from my Vero 4K to my 4K TV.

I just had to make sure my tv and AVR were powered and set to the correct inputs, before i powered on the Vero 4K
(when i did the in the wrong order before, the Vero would only output 1080p)

Oh I understand that, but my TV only has a single 4K HDMI socket and I have (inlcuding my AVR) 5 devices that support 4k

@souladel - Tsk… Either upgrade the TV ot the Receiver :}


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I have been thinking I could use the displayport connection on the TV, but i cannot find anything that would allow me to go from HDMI to Displayport.

I can find plenty of displayport to HDMI adapters, but these are not bidirectional.

Quick duckduckgo gave

Yup, I found something similar after posting, but the only dilemma here is the HDMI out on my AMP is quite literally nowhere near a USB socket for the power, so i would need an extender to power it.

But you are right, this is about the only solution i have across (outside buying a new amp)

Just a little update for anyone interested, I just decided to bite the bullet and have just ordered a new amp, arriving tomorrow hopefully.

Which one did you take??? :slight_smile:

Denon AVR-X2300W - it was £50 cheaper than the replacement Marantz model, is more powerful and has more connections. The retailer i got it from also gives a 3 year warranty.

The fact Denon and Marantz are one and the same these days mean the GUI will be familiar, so i wont need to become familiar with another brand.

You could have gone with a hdfury integral or linker which, among other things, translates from hdcp 1.4 to 2.2.