Best/fastest way to stream/share media (videos,pictures,notes,..) from android devices to kodi/osmc?

I’m currently searching the best/fastest way to share videos, music, notes from my android devices to kodi/osmc.
I didn’t want to revive this thread i found: Cast YouTube to Kodi/R-Pi
because I have a different hardware running. 2 Things I noticed:

  • All Youtube videos are being streamed in 720p not in 1080p. I set 1080p in Addon settings, the YT video of couse is avaiable in 1080p. Since I tried with another stream where output was 1080p I guess it can only be an issue of the YT addon, right? Or could it be some issue/limitation in kodi/osmc’s upnp playback?

  • A few years ago I had a pi1 with raspbmc running and sharing youtube videos with yatse remote app was really fast.
    Now on vero2 it takes way longer and I’m trying understand why.

I understand there are many factors that could influence this other than kodi/osmc itself.
I checked them as good as possible but still not as fast as on pi1 running raspbmc:
First I run custom cm based roms on my android tablet and smartphone. Second there are apps on it that help save battery life like greenify or amplify, maybe these slow down the sharing?..
Or is kodi on vero2 handling the shared media differently?

Besides the cited android apps like Yatse and Kore in the old thread, I found others. Every app has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Pushbullet app + Pushbullet Program Addon:
    +lets you also share notes to kodi and displays notifications/calls/messages received on your android device in kodi
    -after choosing Pushbullet in the android share menu you always have to choose vero/kodi/osmc as the device

BubbleUpnp App:
+Also has audiocast feature to playback all audio output from the android device in kodi
-When choosing it in share menu it always has to open up as the whole app and this takes some time

I also found Allcast and Mirror but I didn’t try it yet.

Which one(s) do you guys use?
Lastly I want to mention that having the audiocast or screencast feature isn’t crucial for me.
It’s nice to have but my smart tv also supports miracast.(but av-receiver hast to change the input of course =/)