Best gear for Vero 4K (+)?

Hi all my tech-savvy osMCs. I’m thinking of upgrading my current media setup but need your awesome input.

My current setup is:
TV - 65" Samsung UHD 4K Smart TV (purchased april 2017)
System: Vero 4k.
Source: 6tb Seagate external harddrive connected by USB to Vero.
Network: 250 mbit wifi and LAN.
Sound, Harman Kardon SB26.

I’m moving soon to a new apartment and is considering to set-up a NAS instead of my external harddrive but i know very little about it (to get rid of cables from my media center below the tv - request by girlfriend) .

What internetspeed would i need? currently have 250 mbit but considering upgrading to 1 gbit (or even 10 gbit as it is about 10 bucks more expensive).

What is the best NAS according to you for streaming to Vero? Would stream quite heavy files sometimes (10-15 gb).

I want to change my sound system from HK SB26 to Sonos Beam + some play ones. Recommended or not?

Should I upgrade to Vero 4K+?I’ve had a few issues with my vero 4k that i hope will be solved by upgrading.

Best wishes and thank you for being such a cool community.


I can recommend this NAS:

Use NFS and fstab mounts:

Thanks Tom.

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From my side, if you can still find a HP Microserver gen8, and upgrade CPU + RAM on it, you should be better served (Running a Xeon CPU _ 16GB Ram here).
Having 1GBit FTTH at home, and cabled the interior with CAT6 cable (capable of running 10GBps, but the switches are still too expensive, hence all runs at 1Gbps).

smurphy@nas:~$ sudo hdparm -tT /dev/md1
[sudo] password for smurphy: 

 Timing cached reads:   6178 MB in  2.00 seconds = 3096.11 MB/sec
 Timing buffered disk reads: 1026 MB in  3.00 seconds = 341.94 MB/sec

This running OMV (OpenMediaVault) on it, the controller set in SBOD mode (No raid), and running Raid-5 in software mode.
Note that over the network I can get max 2 streams of 980Mbps (limited by the Gigabit network card), 2 streams as I have bonded both network cards to the switch (Configurable 16 port GB Zyxel switch).

Since I have that setup, all my family can stream at the same time and we have not issues (except sometimes when they are all streaming over WiFi :slight_smile:

Try finding a Netgear XS712T on eBay. It’s a 10Gbit switch with 12 RJ-45 ports and 2 SFP+ ports. I only use it for my server backbone, so I don’t need more ports (1Gbit to desktops and devices is fine). You can usually find it for less than $1000.

Thx for the hint. Alas, I do need a Switch rackable in a 10" enclosure → as I mounted the house switch into a MPOE:
Note that the ADSL modem now is history :slight_smile: Have FTTH since 6 months :slight_smile:

You won’t find anything 10Gbps that fits a 10" rack until laptops start coming with 10Gbps Ethernet ports by default.

Unfortunately, in the US, ISPs are city-approved monopolies, and it’s rare to get fiber as a choice, since the incumbent ISP lobbies hard against any new services. I used to have Verizon FiOS, but now no longer live in an area served by them.

I’m awaiting my Vero 4k+ so technically I’m not a user (yet) but I’ve had a Synology DS216j for a while with my current media player and so far it’s worked out well. I have a cheap netgear gigabit switch that both the NAS and my current media player are both directly connected to. I don’t intend to make any changes when my Vero comes in. I also have an external USB drive run off the NAS to function as a secondary backup spot beyond the NAS disk to disk backup.


Pretty much my setup other than wifi from the vero4k, rather than wired; synology wired connection to my router. I also have an external usb drive for backups, but only connected when I run rsync.

Thanks Tom.

Thank you for all your input. As i’m not as tech savvy as some of you, i’m just thinking of going with a Synology DS216Play and two iron wolf SDD (6 tb each).
I’ll jack it up straight to the router, i’ll ‘just’ get 1 gbps through FTTH. Don’t need the extra 9 haha as i’m only living with my girlfriend and don’t have kids.

This should probably work really well with the new Vero 4K+ right?
This way I can keep everything away from the tv and make the lady happy that there are almost no cables there (except vero and ps4).

hahahaha that is the perfect condition for having kids :rofl:

Another question for you intelligent people as i’m not sure how the technology behind VPN and LAN works.

Since my NAS will be connected to the internet i’d like to secure it through VPN. I’m just worried about loss of connection speed, currently using paid version for NordVPN. Anyone have general tips for this?
Can i connect the NAS to VPN and still connect it to the vero without having vero on the VPN because I have both connected by cable? Maybe i’m misunderstanding the technology

Others with more experience than me can probably answer but I suspect you don’t need your NAS to have internet access at all, the NAS will talk to the Vero 4K+ internally on your network (your LAN) and then your Vero 4K+ will talk to the internet for things like updates etc.

That is correct. That’s how I have set it up.
Waiting for Kodi 18 now - so that I can hook up netflix & co. - Then, I’ll need internet access on the device.

With a 2-bay NAS just bear in mind you are a bit restricted in terms of cost-effective disc redundancy. Either you have no fault tolerance at all or you sacrifice 50% with RAID 1 . With a 4-bay NAS you can sacrifice 25% with RAID 5 . It’s very easy these days to burn up disc space, so worth planning ahead.