Three general questions and problems with VERO 4K

I’m writing this on my vacation as I finally have time to ask questions about some of the issues I have with my Vero4K, and now i also wonder if they might be solved just by upgrading to vero 4k+.

My setup is:
Samsung 65" UHD 4K Smart tv (don’t have exact number) bought in april 2017 brand new.
Seagate 6tb harddrive connected by USB to Vero 4k, bought brand new 2 years ago.
250 mbit plugged in to the vero by cable.
Soundsystem is Harman Kardon SB26, everything goes through it by ARC.

Being on vacation means i’m out of my home and don’t have access to my device though so general questions only requires general answers, i’ll be happy to submit mediainfo and logs when i get back if the need occurs.

First, I can’t play certain 10bit 1080p anime releases, it just lags. I’ll post mediainfo when i get back if this is not a known issue already.

Second, when playing 4K UHD HEVC releases, the bottom black (as when playing widescreen you have black top and bottom) is filled with colours that move according to the colors of the film. I’ve tested quite many 4K UHD releases and this problem always occurs. Some lag occur sometimes in very colourful sequences as well.

Third, Vero 4K reacts to my samsung TV remote as well, which is unfortunate when I’m browsing netflix or HBO. It can be avoided by switching the channel on the ARC. But if there is a quick fix i’m all ears.

Are these issues known?
Would these issues be fixed just by purchasing the new vero 4k+ or do i need to tweak with SSH and send you logs and mediainfo?


First - If they are 10bit h264, The GPU can’t play these and the CPU will struggle. Quite a few of the encodes from anime are know to be an issue.

2nd - I think this is being looked in to.

3rd - You need to disable cec, I am also away from my vero4k but I think you find it under:

System -> Settings -> System -> Input Devices -> Peripherals -> CEC adapter

Thanks Tom.

I’m not aware of the 2nd issue being reported anywhere before. I would need some more logs; a small sample to reproduce and a photo to understand what’s going on ideally.

Never ever heard of the 2nd one either, and I have seen a lot of UHD releases. This must be a defective device or something else effecting the result.

I need a video recording of the problem as well as a sample that can reproduce it. Then I am sure we can take care of it.