Best wifi for RPi/OSMC

I am currently using a Gigabit homeplug to network my OSMC to my NAS box however it is quite slow. I can play 720p files without a problem but some high bitrate 1080p files stutter and BluRays just die.

I have a 802.11ac/n wifi network in the house so would like to stream over that. What is the best solution for this? A wi-fi dongle for the PI? Or a wifi bridge?

I am currently using the TalkTalk router (Huawei hg635).


My recommendation is a Wifi bridge save you a lot of greef :slight_smile:

Do you have recommendations on which wifi bridge would be best to setup in this circumstance?

using a netgear brigde very pleased with this model

I’m not sure that will be fast enough. I would prefer to go for ac if possible to get the best speed but I will take a look and see if there is a similar Netgear product that offers ac.

Yeah AC is probably better no doubt just giving an example :slight_smile:

On a budget I found this:

And top-end I found this:

Hopefully the TP-Link will be ok. I used one of their 600Mbps dongles for my laptop which seemed pretty quick so hopefully the 750 will be as good, if not better.

Just a reminder, you will be hampered by the shared USB port in terms of max speed

What USB? These should provide an RJ45 interface just as my current powerline does…

TP LINK AC750 Wifi Range Extender looks nice small device :slight_smile: that is something would go for :smile:

@fzinken means the rpi it has a limit since its a small device it cant handle gigabit connections anyways thats why i stayed on N standard

So what speed should the RPi be able to achieve? I think my video files that are at the current limit for my setup are around 6-7Mbps

Internal LAN (10/100): 94.4 Mbits/sec (11.8 MB/sec)
USB 802.11n WiFi: 44.5 Mbits/sec (5.6 MB/sec)
USB Gigabit LAN (10/100/1000): 222 Mbits/sec (27.8 MB/sec)

some estimates from the web remember the results may vary


That is much higher than my video files so I assume my powerline adapters are the current limitation. In fact they must be as when I plug the RPi directly into my router for testing it all works perfectly :slight_smile:

might be :slight_smile: i found my wifi brigde the best option for me but everyone has their own setup :slight_smile: i hope this thread has been of some help atleast :smile:

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It has indeed, thanks!

Sorry for the late post…

I’ve been looking for a solution myself for faster connectivity, I hope this gives you another angle to play with.
802.11ac wireless - solution found

I use the USB Netgear A6100 (AC600) which has resolved my buffering issues that I had when using the on-board NIC.
OSMC recognised it too :wink:

I hope this works for you as well as it has for me.

Never liked dongles too unreliable for me rather have a wifi bridge less messy