Better boot logo and sad face

can we get hi res boot logo/animations and sad face logos?

i tried changing the image for these, using hi res png’s but the still look horrible.

is it the rendering engine?

The images are already 1920*1080 which should be good enough.

they look great when i open them on my laptop, but on the tv screen through the Vero4K+ the look really pixelated!

Try and use solid gradients. The splash screen is handled by plymouth-lite. It’s a basic system.

im talking about the stock splash and sad face images

Are you viewing them on a screen < 1080p?
The scaler isn’t great.


is it possible to use a better scaler?

i tried resampling the images to 3840*2160 but it made no difference

No – it’s a limitation of ply-lite.

is there another option besides ply-lite?

yes there is but its a pain in the ass, there is BURG

Not that I have found.

This is a bit of an understatement. If this really bothers you and you want to fix it then you have to figure out the resolution of your TV during boot. On my TV I can press the “info” button on the remote and it shows this information (mine is 1366x768 during boot). Download the image below (this is NOT the same as what comes with OSMC) and resize it to your boot display resolution if your display is something other than 1920x1080.

But in all honesty its not that often that you watch the bootscreen so its bit a non-issue

while it might not be seen often, when it is seen it just points out glaringly an under developed portion of a well executed media player.

Oh come on this is like complaining you don’t like the blue color of a windows blue screen


is that really the same thing?

when you boot/reboot the machine you are greeted with this 1990’s resolution image.

then in the event the machine crashes for any reason, you are also greeted with this 1990’s resolution image.

when you are demoing it to clients that are spending $60+ thousand dollars on a home theater, it’s hard to talk up a machine with a poor boot screen. (the machine could be flawlees, but the client will point out and dwell on the negative every time)

No you are greeted with a badly scaled image which only happens when the display is advertising a prefered resolution of something other than 1080p. If this is a problem for you I gave you a working solution for a specific setup. If you wanted something more agnostic you could replace the splash screen something that will not show the artifacts such as a solid color or simple gradient. Just be aware that your custom splash screen can (will?) be replaced by updates.

my display is @ 720P during boot, i rescaled the images to 720P but they still look awful…

i am using these now:

I’m not sure what to tell you. I had noticed this before and so the question peaked my interest. I had a splash screen that looked exactly like what you posted above and swapping out the image to one that matched the boot resolution showed no signs of artifacts. My TV’s that boot in 1080p never showed the distortion in the first place.

@sam_nazarko, can we get a option to specify our own splash/splash_sad images?