Blue LED flickering

I just noticed that the blue front LED of my Vero4K is not lit anymore and that it only flickers sporadically similar to the memory access LED of a PC. I think this might be related to Vero 4k with only front red led visible and wanted to make sure that it is not intended since my device still falls under warranty. Except for the LED everything seems to be normal.


If everything works, and you don’t care about the blue LED (many people would be happy if this happened to them!) then you have no worries. It’s just the solder connection to the LED and will not affect the Vero operation in any other way. Mine has been dim for months and works with no issues.

If you do care about the the blue LED, send an email to if it’s still under warranty.

Glad to hear that, I will think about it. Thanks for the reply!