Vero 4k with only front red led visible


I just noticed that my Vero 4k blue led seems broken, i can only see the red one right after i power it up and for a second, it doesn’t even stay red after a shutdown.

Is there anything I can do to make sure nothing is wrong with the Vero 4k overall? I always used the official power adapter plugged directly in the wall socket.


Are there any other problems you’ve noticed so far? Or is it “just” the blue LED not working anymore?

You might be the first one who can use the Vero 4k without the bright blue light - which some have already asked for, but isn’t possible to achieve :see_no_evil::joy::joy:

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Just the blue led not working really.

The thing is that I never cared about its brightness since it’s placed behind the TV in the livingroom, and that’s why I never noticed the problem until now.

I might just sell it to the highest bidder after seeing the request for a Vero 4k without the blue light :joy:

Sounds very much like it’s just a broken LED IMHO. :man_shrugging:t2:

:joy::joy::joy: There were some interested in this… You might be able to make a buck with this :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s probably just the LED

Only for Info. Same issue with blue LED since yesterday. Only red light.

Can you share how did you manage to turn the blue led off? I think many would thank you :stuck_out_tongue:




Just watched my blue led flicker to its death. Red led still works, all else seems to work.

Guessing the blue led just died. My vero4k is on 24/7, only ever used the power supply that came with the system.

The blue led never bothered me, but not having it does.

Sam, any idea why these blue LEDs are dying? Any plan to address this issue?

To be honest, it looks like we’ve had a bad batch of LEDs.
It is now the highest failing component on the Vero 4K.

We are completely happy to replace any affected unit under warranty.

It’s very easy for us to QC RAM, eMMC, WiFi and the mainboard itself. An LED doesn’t really have the same level of testing procedure.

The figures are still very low (less than 1 in 500); but it’s been noted.

I think we will remove the blue LED in early 2019. That’s not to get around the issue, as we’ll keep the red LED.

We’ve simply received so many requests to turn off the blue LED that it’s time for a rethink. I am not sure of a reason to keep it in the long term. A successful boot can easily be determined by the display output, or for some headless users, by the change of SPDIF light when the kernel loads and initialises the I2S SPDIF bridge.

It sounds weird, but I’m very happy that with this model, our biggest issue has been the LED.


Hi Sam, thanks for the quick reply.

Not a problem, I’m pretty sure mine is still under warranty but it’s a very small issue and probably not worth returning to repair as the unit works perfectly in every other way. I think my issue is that I’ve gotten used to it being there so it’s probably me just needing to get over it.

Based on your consideration to remove it altogether, it makes sense to look at it as a feature given all the folks who want it turned off. I just got a 2019 upgrade! :slight_smile:

Thanks again Sam, it’s refreshing to see a guy so committed to providing amazing response and support for his product, which is absolutely the best of breed, I have two and couldn’t imagine not having them.

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks again for an amazing product with amazing support!


You’re very welcome.

It’s good to hear you’re not too worried about the LED and I appreciate your understanding.

As always, if anything does crop up, please do let me know.



I had the exact same issue - the blue LED would flicker sometimes and sometimes it wouldn’t work at all.

I contacted support and they arranged to send out a replacement in exchange for my faulty one. Whilst the Vero 4K worked just fine, I’m a stickler for this stuff and if it was meant to work, then I like it to work…

Either way, I was extremely happy with @sam_nazarko and the support offered. I just made a backup of my faulty Vero 4K then restored it on the replacement and I was up and running in a matter of minutes.

I noticed the blue led kinda started working again (don’t know exactly since when), only a bit dimmed.

I think I might need to call a priest. The led seems to have a mind of its own :open_mouth:

I’ve had two of these back now and had a look at the issue.

LED is fine. Connection isn’t.

Have advised and we will be careful of this in the future. It has also caused a problem with a user losing WiFi.

Not a major problem, but something we have now identified and happily nipped in the bud early. We expect to see up to at most a dozen more units affected based on the current failure rate and time to reported fault.

We will replace those units when reported



+1 here; red LED flickers twice on reboot but no blue LED. Is it something I could repair myself if it’s just the connection?

I would advise not to tamper with the hardware since doing so would definitely void the warranty.

I’m just following up on this historical log. I’ve been using a Vero 4K since April - Order #16666 (April 9, 2018). I’ve set up the unit working on WiFi. I’ve no other physical connections, to the unit, other than the supplied PSU (Aus Plug) and hdmi. Software is OSMC latest update July 2018. TVheadend live TV from a separate Raspberry PI server. I use EMBY addon for a library and profile user.

Today after solid use, the blue led failed on the Vero 4K. Initially I didn’t think anything of it, but an hour later the wifi failed during a live TV stream. Never happened before. I’ve switched off the unit and an hour later, restarted and it all started to work again no worries, I.e. blue light and wifi.

I’ve enabled debug log to help. But I’ll pick up results tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll post up tomorrow. But is this a known issue?

That’s not a known issue. Your PSU might have problems or Vero isn’t plugged directly in to the wall

Let’s keep an eye on it


Hello Sam
Since resetting and switching on the debug logging everything has been working fine. I’ll keep the debug log running over this next week. And not update OSmc. hopefully this was just a blip