Vero 4k with only front red led visible

I’ll check in on you soon to make sure things are still working as expected.


This thread is going to be hella confusing when the Vero 4K+ is in more hands…


I think we can clarify that by simply asking what device a user has. The base of the device is clearly marked to avoid confusion.


Oh yes. I’ve just been so jealous of all those people with “defective” blue LEDs. :joy:

Hello Sam
I’m not sure if this log unload has worked. Today we had a similar event 8am. The blue led went out and over the next few hours I saw the CPU usage gradually climb to circa 80% even idling. But then the process self corrected CPU load dropped to 20% and the blue LED returned.

It did not.

Second time lucky


I think the log should have picked up a second CPU usage surge and drop cycle.


Still not right I’m afraid, this is all that’s in the log:

Logs created on: 2018-09-04 20:53:39 - (Uptime = 177852.34)

Thanks Tom.

Sorry about that I’ll have another try to upload logs tomorrow now. I must have missed something in the Wiki instruction file

I’ve tried again but I think my problem is that the log file is 19MB and therefore too big to transfer. I went down the route of downloading the file from the command line, and following the “sanitise your log option” tried to manually upload the log. That’s when the error message came up regarding size of log. Is there something that I can do to reduce the size of the file?

I had another 110% cpu usage for an extended period of time, and the live TV stream failed.
Kind regards

can you upload it to dropbox or some other cloud place?

Hello Graham,
Sadly I haven’t set up a Dropbox or similar account. I have an ICloud account, but sharing files through this requires an email address to invite someone to look at the file. By that time I could email the file anyway.

Just thinking, I ran the debug log for circa 5hrs and generated a circa 20 MB file. If I ran the debug log for 1 hr, this should generate a smaller file, albeit I need to be watching out for the trouble. If that many errors came up to file a text file, then I should see similar errors on the smaller time frame.

Is the smaller time sample the easiest way forward?

If you have a look in the file, you are going to see some messages repeated over and over in either the kodi log or the system log. If you can see whether these messages start immediately after booting then just starting up and waiting one or two minutes will probably do it.

Alternatively, there’s a drop box at but only @sam_nazarko knows how to let people upload to it anonymously.

Hello Graham,
Sorry I thought I would try the quick option (its late evening here). The log uploaded worked

At the time though the Vero 4K unit appeared to be working fine.
Kind regards

Can you give us your order # and confirm if your address is the same?

Hello Sam
The order is Order #16666 and yes there has been no change regarding address / email etc

I’ll get a new PSU out for you

Thanks Sam
That’s great I take it that the logs showed a Power related problem. Glad the fix is an easy one.

Sorry Sam
Reference my order and replacement psu I need to provide you a new delivery address. I’ll send via the original order receipt email

Ok – I’ll keep an eye out for it.