Bluetooth audio on vero 4k

First off, Sam and all thank you for all the great work! Love the Vero 4k, OSMC, and the quality of your support.

I’m wondering if anybody can inform me on the current and possible future state of bluetooth audio on the vero 4k, for example connecting a pair of bluetooth headphones.

I’ve checked around the forums and was unable to find anything clear on the issue that answered my questions:

Is there a way to connect, or add the ability to connect?

Or is there plans to add this functionality?

Or is there, and always will be, issues with adding bluetooth audio?

For me, it’d be a great feature!

I’m on the latest debian stretch based update, December 2017.12-1


Well somehow within the last 12 hours this was asked

To answer your questions currently bluetooth audio (a2dp) is still in “testing mode” and since the stretch update there are some serious issues that make it only work with some manual steps each time.
Surely there is still the plan to provide it in a stable way but currently a timeframe for that is hard to confirm.

Thank you for your quick reply,
I saw that post about bt audion on the rpi 3 but was looking for more specific answers for Vero 4k in case there were differences.
Any chance the details for the manual enabling are available?
Or is it perhaps a bit too shaky to recommend at the moment?

Well basically:

  1. Install a2dp-app via sudo apt-get install a2dp-app-osmc
  2. Change audio out to Alsa
  3. Pair your speakers

At that time you ideally have the situation that when you switch on your speaker the sound will go away from the TV. At this time people had issue that sound didn’t come to the speakers. I had two things playing around with to get it going. While playing a song switch on the speaker. Than in ssh client open alsamixer, press F6 change to Alsa card and presses ‘m’ to mute and again to unmute.
If that doesn’t make it work than check the current running pulseaudioserver PID ps -aux | grep pulse and kill it with kill -9 PID especially if you have two pulseaudioservers running you need to do this (kill both)
Play around with this two steps and it might work. As soon as it is once working it remains working until restart.

Thank you!