Bose Bluetooth Headphones, "Call From..."


Hi Guys,
Really sorry to add another bluetooth related request given that there are already a few threads going on about the development.

Fresh install of OSMC, Installed a2dp-app-osmc, using a dongle (with boot.txt having dtoverlay=pi3-disable-bt set) i can connect to my mobile phone to OSMC, No problems so A2DP from device to OSMC works great.

I have a pair of Bose Soundlink Wireless II, I can connect to them via the Bluetooth menu in MyOSMC however when they connect it seems to be into a headset profile, it plays the Bose internal audio systems “Call From” through the headphones and then after a short while of hearing background noise picked up from the microphone goes silent. It’s also worth noting that the buttons on the headphones (Vol +/-, select) behave erratically, loading sub menu’s rather than turning volume down and the like.

So to try and avoid the headset profile, i went into /etc/bluetooth/audio.conf and added the line Disable=Headset to the end. This didnt seem to do anything as it still seemed to load into a headset profile anyway.

I thought somewhere i saw that you could change the profile of a connected/paired/trusted device but it seems that was just hciconfig sspmode so no use.

Is there something that I’m missing? has anyone else had these problems? Anything you can suggest that would be worth a read?

Thanks in advance.