Brand new unit

Shouldn’t be the case. Can you let me know your order number? This has since been fixed.

Order #25089 (May 31, 2019)

Turned it on without any network cable and it was in an identical state to the OPs screenshot. Reinstalled the latest image with a usb stick and was working fine few minutes later.

Strange — I have been checking all of them for a couple of weeks now. I wonder if something else caused an issue here


Order #24985 (May 23, 2019)

I’m a little late to the party, but same problem.
Plugged it in the first time without network and without the usb dongle.
But I will try the reinstall today, so it shouldn’t be a big issue.

Order #25074 (May 30, 2019)

Hi, I am also having the same issue.
Tried to boot for the first time yesterday and got the same as the OPs screenshot.
Will try to reinstall today.

Fixed by reinstalling with new image on USB stick. Working perfectly now!

Once again — sorry about this.

No problem, got it working in 5 minutes and is running like a charm, very happy with it!