Brand new unit

just to let you know i received mine 4k+ this morning and I have the exact same issue - i will do the reinstall but it seems maybe sum are shipping out with errors

This has already been fixed at the source.


FYI - I just received two Veros, the first one was fine, the second one had this issue. Reinstalling OSMC now…

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What’s the order number?
This was fixed some time ago.

Order #24634

The issue has since been fixed.
Sorry for the inconvenience – but nothing to worry about.


No problem - resintalled OSMC and now it is sweet. Loving the new hardware :slight_smile:

I didn’t realise it was you at first Ben.

Took a while to reach you in NZ I guess - by that time, we’d fixed the problem!

Thanks for supporting the project and hope you enjoy the hardware.

Same problem with order #24968 (May 22, 2019)

Did you reinstall OSMC?

I did copy the latest disk image ( [2019.05-1] 0cd8dba7af232c15d9e528272a884a41) using the Mac installer on a USB key and turned on the device with the USB key in but no luck. I also tried by renaming the file kernel.img on the USB key to recovery.img but no luck. I do not have a microSD.

Booting from SDcard is more reliable than USB. You only need a small card.

Sure. Yet the device has a “QC test passed” sticker on it and it does not even boot. What do they test then?
Now I am being asked to buy microSD.
For a first experience with osmc this starts pretty bad.

Did you try using the toothpick method as described in the link below when attempting the USB install?

No because I read elsewhere it was not really necessary.

Well, if your attempts have failed otherwise…

Yes, indeed. We’re just trying to get you running as quickly as possible. There should be nothing wrong with the hardware. Try the toothpick.

My order from May 22 #24965 also arrived corrupted but I managed in install from a USB stick.

I ended up getting a microsd card and now everything is fine.


May 31st order also arrived corrupted and thanks to this thread was quickly fixed with a usb stick with the latest image on it.