Bricked vero on using different power supply?

Hi all

So I used a different power supply to power my Vero by mistake and now it is not booting at all.
Instead of using the power supply that came with Vero I plugged in one with output of 12V and 1.5A.

So my question is: Did I just brick my Vero or is there a way to recover from this mishap?

If it doesn’t now boot on the correct psu, then you probably really have bricked it, with not recovery route.

The Vero won’t tolerate more than 5V. 12V will have definitely caused some damage to the internal circuitry.

Curious: does the red light on the SPDIF port come on?


Have a look here, not sure though Did I cook my box? - SolidRun Community

Sam: no red light when plugging in anymore. However the whole box becomes very very hot after a few minutes.

Even if a fuse blew and saved it I am not technically savvy enough to replace the fuse on my own i am guessing.

Fearing this was a final goodbye to my new Vero. Bummer!

If the fuse blew, then it should not be hot. It should be ice cold.
I think a chip/diode/transistor/ect has shorted and is drawing all the power it can. The psu is delivering all the power it can, but it is not enough blow the fuse.
If you can find the specific component being very hot, then i think you have found the fault. Replacing the defective item is another matter.

That’s why I think that every device needs some tvs diode.
If the vero has one you might be lucky and that’s the cause of getting hot.
Else, as others stated, it is really defective.

If it’s any consolidation, just bricked mine too. :grimacing: Accidentally switched PSU with a Netgear Switch. Still wondering how the Vero PSU managed to power a 12V device, though… As to the Vero, it became very hot and died.

Many modern electronics have voltage regulators that can regulate from higher or lower voltage to the target voltage. Often but not only found in battery powered devices.
If you want to be extra safe you could get a stepup/down voltage converter from ebay for cheap and plug that between your vero and powersupply.

OK so after reading this I believe I did the same… 12v 1.5 A that was to power my seagate HD with all my data… the plug is the same and I didn’t know there was a difference until I pull them both out and look…

Is there anything I can do other then head back to my Raspberry Pi and put OSMC on it?

Any fix? repair? is it something I can send in to get fixed? I hope someone can answer because I do believe this is a very easy mistake to make. Hope someone has some good news for me!

5 Volt powered devices should have this thiner DC Plug.
Not same like 12 Volt it’s asking for troubles I think i can finally know how my android rochchip tv box died in unknown circumstances.
I almost do that on my own last time and i’m pretty sure my wife did it too :wink:
I think i need to ask her some extra questions :wink:
But everything have a bright side, without this i propably for some time longer will stuck with this android c**p.
instead of that i’m enjoying OSMC on Pi, fair enough for me

Unfortunately there is no standardisation of voltage for DC “barrel jacks” - there are at least 3 different hole diameters, outer diameters and length - but it is pretty much up to the whim of the manufacturer which they use and what voltage they use, and it has been like this ever since barrel jacks came into existence decades ago.

In years gone by even the polarity was not standard with many devices using negative in the centre but nowadays devices seem to universally use positive in the centre. (But watch out if you are powering a device over 20 years old…)

Moral of the story - always be careful connecting power adaptors using barrel jacks to any device. Make sure it is the right adaptor don’t just try the plug to see if it fits.

This lack of standardisation of barrel jacks is apparently the reason why the Raspberry Pi uses a Micro USB connector despite it being physically a worse (weaker, more unreliable) connector - because the voltage is at least standardised to 5 volts making it much less likely for a user to connect the wrong voltage or polarity.

The prototype Raspberry Pi boards used barrel jacks.

I do hope that in the future someone that plans on putting together a “cutting edge” bit of technology will be aware this is an issue and can anticipate the potential for a problem. I think just knowing the product you are building and the user would help those that create products understand the potential for damage here. Why not spend the few extra pennies and have a unique connector. Would sure have saved my VERO and more importantaly my future business as a customer. We all live and learn!

You can’t, and never could, just plug just any old power supply into a device and hope it worked.
They have different voltages and different polarities, even though the connector may look the same and fit in the hole.

If you put diesel in the fuel tank of your gasoline powered vehicle would you blame the manufacturer ?

Maybe my perspective is goofy, since I’m likely older than most of the people here, but I don’t expect companies to hold my hand. Then again new cars have automatic collision and lane departure systems, to take the place of driver skill. I truly shake my head at this type of thinking.


Don’t shake your head… and yes… it was my falut for not knowing the voltage of the connection… I fully take responsibility. But, with that said, my whole media system is behind walls and enclosed. I didn’t know until after the fact that the 4 connectors were different. To use your example… they diesel fuel is clearly marked and color coded for that exact reason. and if I’m not mistaken the nozzel wouldn’t even fit into a newer car. I would hope with something like the VERO that is cutting edge and the maker would know it will get in the hands of those that arn’t as familuar with how easy it could be distroyed with a plug that looks exactly the same. Good engineers anticipate problems and solve for them prior to releasing them out in public.

So please don’t shake your head… just open your eyes…

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A few times a year I clean complete fuel systems because people can’t seem to tell the difference in the color of a nozzle and the sign on the pump.
A billion dollar industry and they can’t make sure I won’t accidentally put diesel in my tank !
I won’t buy that make of car again !

I also see people who hook up battery chargers, set on 12 volts, to their 6 volt motorcycle batteries, and complain when the battery is damaged.

Today’s world it’s all about saving people from their own mistakes. A world of workplace safety and cars that think for the driver I’m from a generation that rode without a helmet, built tree forts, walked to school on their own in primary school. I don’t get a world were people expect someone else to save them.
It all started with someone suing MacDonalds for their nerve of selling coffee that’s hot, without warning the user.

I believe that the VERO team is fairly small and If the billion dollar auto industry and fast food industry can’t prevent everyone’s mistakes, I can’t see how they could, or even should, anticipate every possible mistake a user can make.

I open my eyes all the time. Based on my experience many other people don’t, and therefore need to pay to have their fuel system cleaned, or buy a new electronic device.


I’m confused.
Are you saying that if you hadn’t broke your Vero, you would buy another?

Back in those days where you could build forts… and walk to school without the concern that some creep would take your child are long gone. Rode without a helmet because things were simple… cars were simple… we could all work on them with a book… give it a try now. everything as become specilized and unique.
Try not to bring up things as an example before you know all the facts. The woman that sued McDonalds had 3rd degree burns. That was way more then just a hot cup of coffee. Not to say she should blame the company but when the company hires idiots that scream for a “living wage” flipping burgers something in truly wrong. That is a stepping stone to something better. Not a salvage to the people that are just to lazy to put the effort in to get ahead.

I’m not against the VERO team. Its young smart entrepreneurs that move technology and competition forward. At least they don’t settle for a job flipping burgers and then blame the world on how they can’t aford to live. The team has done an excellent job. The thought process about the little things that make a difference to the end comsumer is what I hope they think through when they revise the design. Look at Apple… whey do you think they are such a solid company. They refuse to put out a product that hasn’t been thought through.

To me… it’s obvious this little mistake will happen over and over. A company that truly cares about its customers will fix the problem before it becomes a lable on the name. The auto industry is a great example. recall after recall… I’ll take my 66 Chevelle over the new ones anyday.

and CaNsa… don’t be confused… I wouldn’t need to buy another but for my purpose the many Raspberry Pi boards I have will work just fine with OSMC. I will buy another when I see the VERO team has paid attention to the little details… like this… nothing against them at all… I guess my future business will depend on what changes are implemented in future generations of this great little box…

You’re proposing a proprietary connector, like Apple do with the Lightning Connector. Most of these end up in landfill with no reuse (which is why the EU are attempting to standardise mobile phone chargers), and other times, people lose them and have to pay very high prices to replace them.

If we replaced the barrel jack with something proprietary, then development costs would go up and the adapters would cost significantly more. Then in several years, if you needed a new PSU or couldn’t find your old one, you would be frustrated that we either don’t sell them anymore or we’re the only ones that do.

Thought did go in to the Vero 2’s power design: the barrel jack is more secure than microUSB and the connector is less likely to degrade over time. From a cable management perspective, the barrel jack also permits a more sightly encapsulation behind a TV or on an AVR stand as well.


I don’t doubt that though went into it. I can see why cutting costs where possible is a big priority. BUT… as you say most end up in a landfill and the EU is attempting to make mobile phone chargers stardard. I would bet they would all have the same output… not have a standard connection with a “guess your best” voltage. something unique to yours that isn’t so widly used in so many different degrees of levels where this exact problem can arise. With such a great design and so much in such a little cube it just frustrates me knowing so many devices i.e. external HD that need power sit side by side.

I’m typically pretty careful about how I have everything set up. This lapse was of course all my fault and I don’t place any responsibility on the makers/designers of the VERO. My point is to look foward to improve and see where the simple problems are fixable. To solve the problem of not selling me one when needed for an older product… well I say just find something that works and always stick to it. Something that won’t cause such a drastic problem… the Lightning Connector is a great example. very universal… fits all the new products and won’t ever be mistaken for another connector that just happen to be right near where this is used. I think the transition Apple made helped their bottom line in the long run.

Don’t miss my point and feel I’m blaming you or the team. Live and learn. I’m sure I won’t be the last one that will make this mistake. How about if you do continue with the Barrel Jack put a fuse in so when the next guy does this he can take it apart and attempt to get it working again. As of now… I have a disassembled VERO on my desk wondering if there is anything I can do to salvage it.

Chalk it up to a good lesson learned… at least on my end