Can anyone suggest/provide a Crystalubuntu 2 Mirror?

Looks like you have a corrupt filesystem on the USB stick, like a bad sector. Maybe you can try a scan & repair in Windows to try and fix it.

I must add that I tried and tried several times, because the error appeared in different percentages (3%, 7%, 11%, 18%).
it has arrived at the maximum of 21%

I wouldn’t to ruin crystalbuntu’s files with scan%rapair (is safe?).

With what is best to do a scan & repair (Windows, Linux, OSX)?

It’s best to work on an image instead of trying to recover the source though. You could try HDD Raw Copy ( HDDGURU: HDD Raw Copy Tool ) to create an image first. It will skip any bad sectors and make a 1:1 copy.


It would make sense to use the same Program & Version that was used to Image, given that your Drive Image is dual boot:
ATV OSX | CrystalBuntu Linux

Which tool/ utility/ program did you use to Image this?
I am going to follow the exact same to Restore.

PS: Can you choose to boot into Apple TV or Linux at bootup?


Since you are the only successful restorer using this image so far, could you share what Program/ Utility and settings you used to Restore?

Note: Also I have been quite out of touch with ATV1 + XBMC forums (few years), so should I install the BCMxxx2 chip first or restore and boot this Image first?

I have a 160 GB ATV1. If the OSMC release is imminent, I would prefer to use it. Any idea when it will be available?

The image is a 1:1 disk copy, so any software that can restore an image to disk can be used. I don’t use tools that create proprietary image formats, so the program & version I used is irrelevant for restoring the image actually. To be honest, I don’t remember which tool I used either. You can use dd or dd_rescue all the same, it will restore fine. Also, the image is NOT dual boot, it only boots to Crystalbuntu2. The dual partition is there for the bootloader.

So I used HDD Raw Copy: IT WORKS !!!
There is the img of Crystalbuntu2 USB with Kodi (from 8gb USB)

Hope someone can repair it

I haven’t even attempted to restore the image yet. I have the files, but haven’t had the time required to open up the apple tv and I don’t currently have an adaptor which would allow me to connect the drive to my mac. I will however try to find some time to look at restoring the image to a usb drive and see what I can do with that. At this point I think we’re all really just circling the drain waiting for OSMC to be released for the TV1, but it’s still fun!


I am not saying this is / or is not a proprietary image format. Sometimes even with unbiased image formats things can change/ errors can occur given the large size of Disk Images. If an error occurs in restoring, the best way to go about is use the same version of the said program.

So, if you can point out off the top of your head, which tools you used/ are likely to have used based on your remembrance that would be great. If not, just point out top 3/5 of your favorites and I will put that on my list of restoring programs.

Since dd is linux only, can you point out some Windows based apps that might do the same for my restore run.

An additional note/ question. Since, this will overwrite ATV’s OSX, is there a way to restore that back to factory OS? Images or some mechanism?

Did anyone ever try or get a Dual Boot working on ATV 1… i.e. ATV OSX and CrystalBuntu (i.e. or a similar Linux e.g. OpenElec etc)?

I’d love to hear about that possibility.

I don’t see why anything would change with a 1:1 image copy though, since it’s basicially just a raw binary dump even with large sizes. I mostly use Linux for my imaging needs, but for Windows you can use the plethora of imaging tools available, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. A good tool to use is HDD Raw Copy. It’s simple and plain, plus it gets the job done. You can try that, else there is Win32 Disk Imager and CloneZilla too.

Make an image of the disk first :slight_smile: That’s what I did with mine: dumped the original image to disk and installed CrystalBuntu in case I needed to restore the factory OS later.

IIRC, this was possible through the use of a bootable USB stick on which Crystalbuntu was installed. You just pulled it out to boot to ATV OS.

I really wish Sam would provide a temporary mirror to a 2.0 download while he gets OSMC running. It appears like it would help out a lot of people :smile:

I’m using the Kodi Helix version that Wrxtsy posted on the old Crystalbuntu forum, but I just wanted to mention that recently I’ve been using OpenElec on my son-in-law’s AppleTV and it is perfectly satisfactory. So if you are stuck, you might try that:

The only problem with OpenElec - and i mean the ONLY PROBLEM - is that you’re stuck on a much older build of XBMC (not even Kodi like the AppleTV 2 is) with no way to upgrade (that a dum dum like me can understand) . I grabbed an AppleTV 1 because support for the 2 was being dropped and because there was continuing support for the AppleTV 1.

True enough, but Gotham was a pretty well-developed platform. I haven’t seen that many differences between it and Helix. You could do worse. :wink:

To be honest, I still prefer CrystalBuntu1(Eden) to the anything developed later. It just seemed to be the best fit for the ATV1.

I really don’t care whether it’s based on the latest and greatest - it’s a TV and I don’t want to have to fiddle with it all of the time. Stability and predictability is key when it comes to WFA (wife acceptance factor).

@sam_nazarko - is there any chance that these old repos will become available again in the future? If you need space/bandwidth, I’d be happy to host something.

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Great Forum !!!
I as well am patiently waiting for a new install ,
The 40gb Image was greatly appreciated , Thank You !!!
Not to be greedy but does anyone have a 160gb image ? Resizing the partition has been attempted many times
but I just cant do it , I have made a bootable usb of Gparted and will try that this weekend to resize .
But thought a 160gb image just might be my only hope ,
Thank You all !

Hi Sam, if you could provide an answer it would be greatly appreciated! I understand the old site’s messed but I’m sure you have the files available somewhere. Don’t worry, we’ll all upgrade to OSMC when you support ATV1…

This question has now been replicated in 3 different forum threads…

From the old forum

Sam Nazarko Wrote:

Unfortunately one of our backup team members didn’t get the SVN repo backed up, so bringing back the CB site is useless.


Quite simply the files required to do a install no longer exist. It was a pretty silly mistake and while this is all done for free in others spare time it would have be nice if the community had been given a heads up that this was taking place I would have taken to opportunity to clone the repo to make a offline installer for myself.

Holy crap?!?? Seriously? Don’t people take backups of their servers?

Someone must have a copy of the repo somewhere.


This is my thought, arent there any people out there (so many users) who downloaded and kept a copy on their HDDs? How is that possible?