Can anyone suggest/provide a Crystalubuntu 2 Mirror?

Hi everyone,

I’ve just purchased an AppleTV 1 (off eBay) and would like to install Crystalubuntu 2 on it while waiting for OSMC to be released. However I can’t seem to locate a download anywhere. I understand that the Crystalubuntu website isn’t a high priority at the moment, but does anyone know of a mirror? Or does anyone have a copy of the latest Crystalubuntu 2 AppleTV1 files that they’d be prepared to share with me (and others)?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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I think I have a fresh install hard disk image somewhere, I’ll check it when I get back home tomorrow everning. IIRC, the original installer required an internet connection and downloaded files to finish the installation.

Thanks Arvind, that’d be great.

Elroy, I managed to locate the disk image dump I made. It’s about 474MB in size and was dumped off a 40GB ATV. I’ll upload it tonight and provide you with a link.


Brilliant! Thanks so much Arvind!

Hello Elroy and Arvind,

Just wondering if the disk image dump worked and if it might be made available for me to try if it did work. Seems like the Crystalbuntu download may not be available for a while if it ever comes back.

Take care and have a super day,

Here you go guys : - Deleted

It’s a fresh install and contains two partitions: the base HFS+ Mac root partition with the bootloader and the Linux Ext partition for Crystalbuntu 2.


Fantastic stuff! Thanks so much Arvind.

sorry for the noob ask: how can I copy this image on an USB and make it bootable from ATV1?

This is a hard disk image and won’t write correctly to a USB stick. You might be able to write it to a USB Hard Disk though but booting it from there might be difficult.

Elroy, did you manage to boot up your ATV with the image?

New member here. Much distressed that Sam’s CB2 site is no longer available. I went to install CB2 on my ATV1 a couple of days ago. It failed and investigation has led me here. If someone succeeds getting this image to work, I would appreciate it they would post the steps they used. Thanks

Hello Bonnie_Rait,

Which hard disk do you have on the ATV? Is it a 40GB or 160GB? The image I provided is for the 40GB version but will work with the 160GB drive also. In any case, you would need to remove the hard disk from the ATV and connect it to an external adapter (PATA to USB adapter for example) to a computer. Then you would need to use an image writing tool to write the image to the hard disk. If writing to a 160GB, you would find that the remaining space is left unformatted. You can then use a partitioning tool to expand the remaining space or create a new partition. Then, connect the hard disk back to the ATV and boot it up.

If all else fails, you could use OpenELEC (Give Your Apple TV 1 New Life With OpenElec 2.0). I’ll try to see if I can build a USB stick that would automatically restore an ATV image without going through the fuss of disconnecting drives etc.

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An usb image of crystalbuntu would be nice if someone has a copy…

I can do it in windows? is or only on mac

This is what appened:
I had a fully functional of USB-Crystalbuntu2’ copy (with Kodi)
I inserted into the PC to make an image
I couldn’t make a copy of it
then I inserted back to apple TV
Now it starts (with the linux-apple logo), but stops for a few startup scripts errors
:scream: :scream: :pensive: :confounded: :cry: :sob:
What can I do?

Isn’t a atv1 install build almost ready , I had assumed the old one went down to bring the new one online . Is there any hope it will be up soon . I have several image on 40gb but when I copy them the new one doesn’t get recognized but the Apple TV . So I’m just praying a new installer come back that will allow us to do a direct install of kodi onto atv1 . Am I just dreaming , other post back in fed said it was on the way


What are you using to make the image? If you could make and image and provide us with a link, I could look into it and see what the problem is.

I’ve tried with USBimageTool.
But it doesn’t work.

What can I use?

You can use Win32DiskImager :

Make sure to run it in Administrator mode when you launch it after installation, then select a destination where the image will be written, and click on the “Read” button.

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Thanks, tryed: Error 23 at 7% of image creation :pensive:

what else?