Can I set up using wired LAN then move to WiFi?

I am going to set up a small media center for use at my vacation home for the grandchildren’s videos.
Now at home I would like to use the wired Ethernet whilst setting up, but when it is ready and moved to the final destination I planned on using an EdiMax EW-7811 USB/WiFi adapter instead of wires.

Could OSMC switch from wired to wireless operation once set up with wired?
If so can I prepare it such that it knows the SSID and password and will it connect when that is found?
I mean that I would like to enter the needed WiFi data in advance somewhere during setup such that when it sees that network it will connect.

And on that network I do not want to let it connect externally, just inside the WiFi network so I can use the Yatse App remote control and transfer files to the hard disk of the RPi (see this thread )

So when I am on the wired network it is allowed to access the Internet for updates and whatever, but not via WiFi.
Is that possible (and if so how)?
The reply in the other thread implies that a fixed IP is to be used with no default gateway, but how can I control this on the WiFi network? It automatically provides both the IP and gateway… (I’m not very Linux knowledgeable)


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Unfortunately the short answer to that is no - the way connman (our network manager) works, you can’t pre-configure a wireless network that you are not in the presence of - you need to be at the network for it to find it and prompt you for a password then save the network details.

The only exception is if you pre-configure the network settings in the installer it will try once on first boot to connect to this network, but it will not continue to try, so this doesn’t help with your scenario. So you will have to configure the wireless network when you get there, but that should only take a minute and only needs to be done once.

You can configure static IP settings on Wifi as well - and they are separate to Ethernet. So you could have static settings on Wifi that disable internet access by changing the default gateway, but still use DHCP on your Ethernet connection.

Yes – if you go to My OSMC and you can toggle the connected technology type.

ConnMan works by associating the base station and storing it. You can’t store the SSID and key in advance unless you edited ConnMan’s configuration manually, but even then there would be no guarantee of this being successful.

Also: if you have Wired and Wireless network set up, OSMC will roam between them automatically


I fired up the router normally located in the vacation home without connecting it to the Internet, then configured the WiFi also on the GUI.
It worked out fine and once I could see the IP address I could create a profile for Yatse to connect to OSMC through the WiFi network even while the wired network was also connected. Could switch Yatse profiles and still control the OSMC! So I am satisfied it will work when I get out on the final location! :smile:

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