Can I use animated gif's on my Vero 4K

I am using the default OSMC skin on my Vero 4K, and I noticed there is now the option to select animated posters. I downloaded some gifs and then selected them on the movies, but noting changed. Going into the ‘Select image’ (I think that’s what it’s called, my language is set to Dutch) I do see the animatedposter using the animated gif I selected, but it’s not showing anywhere else. Am I missing something?

One for @chillbo

This is the only way you can make it work with our skin: Animated Movie Posters

The option for animated fanart in the context menu pops up because we’re using the skin helper script and it’s one of its features to show this context menu entry. Unfortunately, we can’t stop the script from doing so as our skin does not support that feature of the script.

Thanks for the very quick reply. I actually already found that info :innocent: and tried the first solution. If I understand it correctly I just select an animated gif as a normal poster (or any other artworktype) and it should work. However, it doesn’t. I checked and noticed the skin was Estuary. I switched between Estuary and the OSMC skin, but in both cases I don’t get to see animated art. I changed the language to English to be sure I used the right options. It’s no big deal that it doesn’t work, but it would have been nice. But still, thanks for the great support :+1:.