Can not click Done for pin for auth.key-file

Hello guys,
Trying to set up my OSMC with Netflix
I use Raspberry PI 3B+
And I use this version of the OSMC:

Now I try to install Netflix, following this guide:

Unfortunately it looks like I need to use the auth.key to login-method.
But when I try to enter the PIN for the auth.key.file I get no chance to press Done, or Enter from my remote keyboard, nothing happens.
I have regenerate the auth.key-file twice (with different PIN of course) but the same happens, no chance to proceed it seems.
I will try to see if I can show you a “screen dump” of what it looks like, see attached image.
Best regards


I think this may be related to an issue with the current skin. Please try our staging skin, details can be found here:

Thanks Tom.

When I followed your instructions it worked press the Done option.
How ever, when proceed the auth-key file option did not work, BUT the regular email/password-login started to work.
Thanks a lot!
Best regards

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