Can OSMC/Kodi stream audio to a wireless DLNA/UPnP audio renderer?

I would like to distribute the audio from my RPi2 to multiple rooms. Where do I start? (other than google which doesn’t help so far)

My aim is for my RPi2 to be the player of all content (stored on a NAS). Most content will be played on the HDMI connected TV (which in turns has its audio hooked up to a receiver with decent speakers). So far so good.

For my music though, I would like to not only output the audio on the HDMI, but also on the network to my DLNA audio renderers (I.e. D-link DCH-M225)

Using Google I find lots of info on streaming content to the RPi. That’s not what I need though.
Help or hints as to how to do this much appreciated!

Add media sources to Kodi.

Enable DLNA/UPNP sharing

Jobe done.

Thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn’t seem to do anything for me. I would like to ‘push’ audio to the remote DLNA speaker. Which is different to enabling other DLNA players access to the library on OSMC.

Does that make sense?

Turn on “Look for remote UPNP players” then when you right click/context menu on a media file you will have the option "play using… "

That’s what I was expecting, however that just gives me: PAPlayer (default) or DVD Player. So nothing to do with audio out options it seems?

I have some Sonos kit, fortunately there is a Sonos addon for kodi which makes life easy for me.

I’m not sure if there is something similar for the D-Link kit.

I would be happy to know which Sonos Add-on you mean, I could not find that and I looked in quite a number of repos.


Looks like it used to be in the kodi repository, but was removed about 5 years ago.

Please refrain from posting in old topics (12+), unless you information to add.

Thanks Tom.