Can’t add TV shows to library

Hi all,

Finally got a vero4k+ to handle my media, and I ‘almost’ think it’s great.

I struggled with some of the guides online not quite matching up to the options in the menus, but in spite of that I somehow got it to scan my videos, and my music. But when I try to “scan to library” on the tv shows folder it says “no video files found in this path”.

I have everything on a usb drive and I suspect this would be easier with networked drive, but have to work with what I have for now.

OSMC is up to date, any ideas what I might be missing here?

The easiest way to get started on figuring this out for you would be for you to provide logs so we could see how you have your sources setup.

Thanks, have I done this right? This tech is making me feel old!

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It appears you just set a scraper on a single source. It is required to have separate sources for Movies and TV. As such your sources should not be a singular/media for everything but rather multiple sources such as…

/media/<mount name>/<movie folder name>/
/media/<mount name>/<TV folder name>/
/media/<mount name>/<music folder name>/

As each get set with a different media type and use different sources to scrape their metadata. Please see the following for further information.

Unrelated to your library issue I would recommend setting adjust refresh rate to start/stop in player settings and for your audio you can refer to the following to find out how to optimize it over the default settings it is currently set at.

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I wonder if this would work?

USB/IP - ArchWiki

Tutorial USB/IP

USB/IP Project - SourceForge

This person has a simple setup with just a single USB hard drive directly attached. I don’t understand why you are posting something not germane to the topic.

Cheers for the feedback, i can see what’s occurred (and it explains why my videos ended up with songs in!). I tried to understand the scraper settings before from that wiki page but couldn’t get it to work. I’ll have another read and try again. Will I need to “unset” the current scraper somehow or will that just change when I set a specific folder for each media type?

You can still turn it into a network drive when it is directly attached, and it will treat as one.

The best method would be for you to navigate to videos>files and then context menu (three lines on your remote) which should give you the option to remove items from that source path from the library. You would do this in the music section as well. You would want a completely empty library before setting up new sources to prevent dead links and duplicates.

Again, this is off topic. Your posts do nothing but add confusion as they have absolutely nothing to do with the OP.

I recall now why I was struggling before. In the “browse for new share” window I couldn’t find the drive. I now understand I should have been looking in root.

I’ll try and clear out the current library then start again.

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Thanks for letting me know.

Thanks for all the help. I can see now how to set up the scraper pointing to a specific folder per media type.

Can’t get the old library cleared out though.

1: I managed to “remove media source” in videos. It left behind the library still, but none of the items would launch a video (rightly so) I set the option to update library on reboot and rebooted , thinking it would see the broken “links” and remove the items. Instead I’ve got a bunch of random stuff in there and cannot get the option to remove source again.

2: how would I clear the source in the music? There is no “files” icon to click as it’s populated?

Thanks again for the help, it must be frustrating reading this when it’s all so obvious to you and most others.

Ignore 2: above I found it…

Do you have a PC on the network you can SSH with as this would be the quickest way to dump the library and start over.

Think I’ve figured it out.

Music now cleared. Video I have removed source, but I guess the remaining things in display aren’t actually the library?

When you are in Video>files or video>[source name] that is showing the files as they are on the disk (might be tweaked with library title if already scraped). The “library” would be what is shown when you navigate to Movie/TV Shows/Music from the main menu.

I was describing the second one then. I only have (had) 8 random items in there now. I just manually removed those from the library and now I finally have the “your library is currently empty” screen.

Would this be a clean enough point in time to start setting sources/scrapers properly, or may there be some remnants from the old lists?

There would be some dead artwork left behind taking up space but that shouldn’t pose any issue. To go any cleaner you would have to either do a full reinstall or else do a bit of work via command line but that would be unlikely to provide much benefit in your situation.

I would give a good look at what I posted before in particular file naming to make sure before you add your source again you have a good chance of most everything scraping without intervention.

The movies folder (on the drive) is very clean,arranged properly, I’m adding it now in the proper manner and the process makes a lot more sense already. This time yesterday I was losing my mind, looks like I’ll be OK now with a bit of luck. Watch this space!

Thanks for your help, hopefully my next questions for the forum won’t be so daft!

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