Can Vero 4k+ Access a 20TB HDD?

Hi. Can Vero 4k+ access a 20TB HDD via its USB? Something like this and formatted as exFAT?

There should be no limit. OSMC support GPT as a partition table format (limit is 8^9 TB) and exFAT as filesystem (512 TB recommended limit). So assuming that the mybook reports itself as a single drive via USB it should be all working. While for that money it remains a question if a NAS wouldn’t be a long term better investment.

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Thanks @fzinken! :grin:

Yes, I agree. A NAS would be a better solution. Not to mention safer due to the redundancy. I don’t know why my friend prefers USB.

It’s possible to set the My Book to RAID-1, which would be safer, although it would cut the storage in half.
If you need 20TB of storage, you need a serious safety net like RAID plus backup. RAID solves the “what do I watch while I recover” problem, and backup lets you recover. Even if all you are doing is storing raw ISOs of disks you own, it would take about 100-200 hours to fill that drive by reading from a BluRay drive. So, a failure would mean three to five 40-hour work weeks to recover from.
If you are storing data that you might no longer have access to, then backup is even more important.

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