Can Vero Suspend send CECActivateSource/CECStandby

I’ve been playing around with my new Vero4k+ and the suspend mode, which is working now after today’s (May) update.

I had a look through the patch that was added to add the Vero suspend mode and it seems to hijack screensaver functions - meaning that if I have screensaver set to standby devices on/off in CEC settings, suspend mode does a great job of turning other devices on/off when the Vero sleeps/wakes. The side effect is that I can no longer see the screensaver if it does turn off - because CEC sends the display into standby.

It would be advantageous to be able to retain the screensaver (to protect OLEDs from burn in and what not, without having to turn the whole screen off), and HDMI CECs ability to standby and wake all devices in the chain with the suspend mode.

Is it possible to call the two Kodi CEC functions when Vero suspends and wakes?

Yes — it’s possible.

See [HOWTO] Vero 4K / 4K: Performing actions programatically on Standby and Wakeup.

Some users didn’t like this option, so it’s not a default.

This is great, Thanks Sam. I’ve added two scripts if anyone else is interested:

import xbmc

import xbmc

The wake script zeros kodi back to the Home screen effectively waking the screensaver up.


Brilliant. Thanks for sharing your solution with others


I’ll likely add some settings in the future to make these configurable options if there’s a bit more demand.


I would be interested in these kind of CEC options. :slight_smile: