Can you Tell me if this is any good, and how I can use it?

Since this is by far the most helpful and knowledgeable tech community I have seen so far I decided to ask for help here. Its a router of some sorts that was used at the place where my wife used to work. Basically, the old owner told my wife to take this thing home after the store closed for good. The thing is the owner of the store was a 65-year-old lady and all she knew about the router is that her grandson brought this thing and that he is out of the country now and doesn’t need it anymore.

My question is what is this thing?
Can I use it in my home?
I googled the manufecturer and it looks like you need to know some commandline wizardry to handle this thing. Can someone please help ?

If Sam or others think that I shouldnt be asking about non osmc related stuff I will delete this but since I saw how much help people got when they had vero speed issues I figured I’ll ask here first.


Its a nice bit of kit, you can find out all you need to know about it from here:


Oh sh?! for someone that just recently managed to do some baby steps with putty on my vero this feels overwhelming.

How hard can it be to configure this thing so that It gives internet to a couple of wired devices and that I can stream 4k movies from the pc to the vero with it ?

I can’t answer your question, but I’ll suggest a different place to ask it. :slight_smile: The place I always go to for networking questions is Small Net Builder forums:

You’ll find some amazingly knowledgeable people there.

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Do you think Factory resetting the thing and plugging in all the cables will do the trick or should I pay attention to some other stuff ?

I was reading the wiki but since I don’t know wich parts I should pay attention to its a bit overwhelming since Im not familiar with the terminology


Being as it has been used in another environment a factory reset is not a bad idea.

As for setup, its bit hard to comment; as I don’t know anything about your current setup:

cable or adsl?

Thanks Tom.

I have 1 Gigabit fiber connection but the fiber modem/router only has 2 UTP ports unlocked. So now I want to disable wireless and everything on my fiber modem and connect the fiber modem to this new router and run everything from here.

I only plan to have the vero 4k+ , my tv box, and my pc connected to the router by cables.

Before you ask yes I talked to my ISP and asked them if they can unlock the other ports but sadly they said no because those other ports are configured so that they work for costumers that still have an old style ( not fully digital TV receiver )


From some googling it looks like with default settings (So after doing the factory) Gigabit Ethernet Port 1, is the wan port. Your easiest solution would be if your current fiber modem/router, supports modem only mode?

Thanks Tom.

Thank you for help ! I had to google wan port to know what you were talking about. I have a Calix modem/ router I will check if it supports modem only mode once I figure out the exact model of it and manage to log into its interface. ( wish me luck )

I found out my that my router/modem is a Calix 854g-2 also known as Calix GigaCenter. I think this is the manual but so far I have only found the option to disable wireless but sadly not anything else.

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Just so you know (and possibly others reading this too), you’re welcome to post. There’s a ‘General Discussion’ section which can also be considered off-topic. We may not always be able to help or provide meaningful input; but it doesn’t hurt to ask.



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Why are you so keen to use this router when your current router works ok? What are you hoping that this one will bring to the party?

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My current one only has two active Ethernet ports but I have more than 2 devices I have to connect to the Internet and my network by cable.


It would be easier just to connect a gigabit switch to your current router.

Thanks Tom.

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Is it possible to put the mikrotik into some kind of switch mode ? Because I don’t have a switch and would have to buy it


Yes, you will need to check the manual to confirm this. Factory reset, make sure dhcp is turned off on the mikrotik. Run a network cable from port 3 on the mikrotik to your router. Than you should be able use ports 4-8 on the mikrotik as a switch.

Thanks Tom.

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Will do once I get home, but first I need to factory reset and upgrade os and firmware. Watched some YouTube instructional videos on how to do it last night.

Thanks again

So I made some progress…

Managed to factory reset the mikrotik.

Plugged in the cable from my modem/router to port 3 and a cable that goes to this pc to port 4. It seems like this pc works fine BUT when I tried to connect to the Mikrotik from this pc using winbox it seems that It cant connect if I connect to as suggested by the mini display on the top of the mikrotik and the manual. However, I can connect if I type in the mac address. But when I’m I’m connected to the mikrotik and want to update firmware or os (with winbox) it says that the address its trying to access can’t be resolved.

The following default configuration has been installed on your router:

Wireless Configuration:
mode: ap-bridge;
band1: 2ghz-b/g/n;
ht-chains: two;
ht-extension: 20/40mhz-ht-above;

WAN (gateway) Configuration:
gateway: ether1 (renamed with extension ‘-gateway’);
firewall: enabled;
NAT: enabled;
DHCP Client: enabled;

LAN Configuration:
LAN Port: bridge-local;
switch group: ether2 (master), ether3, ether4, ether5, ether6, ether7, ether8, sfp1
(renamed with extensions ‘-master-local’ and ‘-slave-local’)
DHCP Server: enabled;

You can click on “Show Script” to see the exact commands that are used to add and remove this default configuration.To remove this default configuration click on “Remove Configuration” or click on “OK” to continue.

NOTE: If you are connected using the above IP and you remove it, you will be disconnected.

I Haven’t clicked OK or Remove configuration or show script yet because I have a hard time understanding what those commands are but it seems that DHCP server is enabled :frowning:


Change the lan IP to an IP that is in in the same subbet as your current router, but not in the dhcp range advertised by your current router.

Disable DHCP for the Lan configuration on the Mikrotik

Thanks Tom.

I disabled the DHCP following this suggestion.

Change the lan IP to an IP that is in in the same subbet as your current router, but not in the dhcp

Can you please tell me what you mean by this using less technical terms or tell me what I should google for?