Can you Tell me if this is any good, and how I can use it?


Thanks I’ll look further into this tomorrow now I need some sleep


Update: I have spoken to a higher up technician at my ISP today and explained to him that I would like to use the calix just as a modem and let the routing and other stuff be done by the Mikrotik. He said that can be done and that he will pass on the request to his higher up and that this change will happen remotely in the next few hours or days ( since its friday 2:50 PM ) so I’ll just wait for them to make the change.

Once this is done I suspect the best thing to do will be to factory reset the mikrotik once again and plug the cable into eth1 ( wan) port… Am I correct ?

Thanks again @Tom_Doyle and @fzinken for all your patience and help



Yes this should work fine, should just be a case of setting up the wifi.

You may have still have issues with updating the mikrotik, seems to be a known issue. Temporary fix is to Added static entry in IP/DNS for, I would remove once updated.

Thanks Tom.


I managed to update the OS and firmware last night or better to say this morning by downloading it to my PC and then uploading it to the mikrotik and rebooting the device. So I’m currently on the newest OS/firmware.

But I’ll keep the updating bug in mind.

Thanks once gain !