Can't initiate library scan


All of the sudden osmc aborts when I initiate a scan. The automatic scan on startup isn’t working either.

It’s been going on for a few weeks and no changes were made to settings or library source.

I have a vero 4k and a NAS that’s accessed via NFS.
If I select “scan for new content” in the library settings the scan completes without a problem

Log is here:

I hope someone can point me in the right direction :blush:


For me it looks like you’ve specified some source content to use the scraper which uses a payment model, meanwhile. At the end of the active log you see http 403 errors accessing files on which means you don’t have permissions to do that. Also see Scraper TheTVDB will be switching to a subscription based payment model

I suggest you change the content of your sources to use themoviedb scraper instead.

Hi Jim,

Thanks for your reply. I tried changing scraper and I de-activated also. Unfortunately the problem persists.

What about these lines from the log - could they have something to do with it?

2021-06-30 13:15:14.379 T:3930054880 ERROR: SQL: Missing result set!
2021-06-30 13:15:14.380 T:3930054880 ERROR: GetPaths failed
2021-06-30 13:15:14.436 T:3930054880 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Starting scan …
2021-06-30 13:15:14.436 T:3930054880 NOTICE: VideoInfoScanner: Finished scan. Scanning for video info took 00:00

Could you provide new logs? Thx.

Of course

It turned out the path table had crashed. I repaired it and now it’s up and running again :+1: