Can't Install TheTvDb V4 addon

I’m trying to setup my new Vero4K+ (have another one back at my Mum’s place so I’ve done this before) and I get “Installation Failed” when attempting to install the TVDb V4 Addon.

I haven’t enabled debug logging, but this is what I can see in the logs.

2023-03-01 16:20:21.097 T:2799    ERROR <general>: Requested path not found in known repository directories
2023-03-01 16:20:21.097 T:2799    ERROR <general>: CAddonInstallJob[]: failed to resolve addon install source path

Does anyone have any thoughts. Would debug logging provide more information?
Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I can download that file from here.

Have you checked to see if it’s downloadable on your network?

Thanks Sam, I can download it on my PC if I follow the link. But not from the Vero.
So, seems to be downloadable on my network

I suppose I could copy the zip file across and install it manually…

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Thanks @sam_nazarko and @ActionA for your assistance.
Downloading the zip file on my PC and then copying it over to the Vero with Filezilla allowed me to successfully install it :slightly_smiling_face:

One question though. As I was installing it, I got a pop up informing me that because it wasn’t being installed from the official repository it wouldn’t get automatically updated. But after installing, I checked the addon in Addon Browser → My Addons, the auto-update flag was ticked…

Should it auto update?

If it’s an official add-on (which it is) and in repo, then yes.
But… if you couldn’t download it from your device, then you have a network issue and it likely won’t be updated as you expect.

We have not solved the underlying issue.


Is it a network issue if I can download it from another device on my network?
After installing I was able to successfully scrape all my tv shows which means I am able to connect to the TVDB V4 api…

The link which gave the error indicated it was/is an OSMC url.
If I enabled debug logging and attempted again, would I get more information as to why it failed?

I’m all for fixing the underlying issue properly :grinning:

I enabled debug logging and went through the process of uninstalling and re-installing the addon as I had previously installed it manually and I wanted to try to reproduce the issue when attempting to install directly from the repository.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) I was unable to reproduce and it prompted me to uninstall the manual version of the addon and then seemed to re-install the official one without issues…
Debug logs