Can't install TVheadend?

They are already installed. You simply have to enable the one you wish to use.

How/where do i do that. There are no options in any menus that I can find.
I’ve tried using both the Kodi skin and the OSMC skin.

In the add-on browser, under My add-ons.

Have you read this?

Nope, I cannot find anything - what is it called.

Yes, I can now configure TVHEADEND but will be using an iptv setup.
It’s the pvr client/addon whatchacallit that I can’t find.

You clearly have not read the link Graham provided.

I’ve not set up IPTV, but I think you have two options: an IPTV add-on which works on its own (ie don’t need TVHeadend) or set up TVHeadend for IPTV and then you use the TVH (HTSP) add-on as explained in the Wiki article.

Don’t quote me.

You know, ActionA, for being part of the “team” a lot of your posts are really quite confrontational. You have clearly not been reading MY posts. I DO NOT HAVE ANY PVR CLIENT IN MY ADD ONS.

Thanks graham - I’ve already got a standalone iptv addon (for nz freeview) but would like to add PVR functionality etc.
I’ve got the “network” set up in the TVHEADEND but it wont scan any of the iptv “channels”, continually returns a FAIL. I’m still working on it…

Did you look in Settings->Add-on Browser->My add-ons->PVR clients->?

Finally! some proper directions. Thankyou yes I have now found them! I was looking in the repositorys. No idea what the difference is…

Actually, I’m sure I’ve looked in there before too - the OSMC update in the latest nightly has brought a lot of functionality back for me.

OK, I’m guessing TVheadend HTSP Client is the one I want? I tried installing that but continue to get a “access denied” error?

Well you decided to insult @ActionA instead to take his advice seriously.

Clearly the location and how to activate the addon is clearly explained in the howto that @grahamh linked you to.

In regards to your access denied did you configure username/password correctly?


My apologies - I thought I had been everywhere to look for “pvr clients”.

Yes the username/password is now configured correctly, thankyou.

Right, so I’ve got all the tvheadend configured, PVR client installed, (trying to get iptv working in NZ), and following this link:

But cannot scan any of the 16 muxes. All scans report FAIL and no services found.

Do I need ffmpeg? Is it necessary for osmc? If so how do I install it?


Ffmpeg is not needed for scanning/tuning the channels, it is only needed for transcoding which we wouldn’t do in this platform.

So to troubleshoot your underlying problems I suggest DVB-T troubleshooting guides (e.g. using w_scan).

I’m trying to get an iptv installation going, not DVB-T?
THe guy who made the iptv link I posted above continues to tell me I must have ffmpeg installed to decode the streams, and it must be available in $PATH. He seems to think thats why it’s failing scan.

I am new to all this stuff - Debian, Kodi, Vero box etc so I really have no clue. I can wrap a PC round my little finger though…

I just have now realized that. Don’t know what the function of TVHeadend is in that scenario.

Well if it is a requirement you can install it via sudo apt-get install ffmpeg but if it is needed to transcode than the Vero might not have the power to do so.

I first would really dig if there are other ways without TVHeadend

If you are using IPTV, you won’t be scanning any muxes.
Scanning muxes would be to pick up over the air broadcasts using a TV dongle.

TVHeadend can be used for IPTV; if you wish to add PVR like functionality.
I believe you could (and may be better off) using the IPTV Simple PVR add-on, which can be enabled in the same way you enabled the TVHeadend add-on.

You do not need to install ffmpeg to play the streams. Kodi has ffmpeg internally and will handle this for you.

OK I’ll try that sam.

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