CEC adapter options


Sometime earlier this year I did a fresh install of OSMC.

To my surprise, and glee, I found an option to pause/stop playback, rather than just standby/shutdown when I put my TV on standby through the magic of CEC.
However, after updating, the option is no longer available.

Is there anything I can do to get it back?

I use my TVs shutdown timer function daily, and having to pull the plug on my pi all the time is tiresome.


Did you confirm since updating that the options are still selected?

Some of the options are completely gone from the settings.

I can’t remember, is there an option to set settings level to Advanced or Expert in the left menu?

Settings level is Expert.
I can access the CEC menu.
But the only available actions for OSMC when the TV goes on standby are “Sleep” and “Shut down”.
Actions such as “Pause Playback” and “Stop Playback” were previously available.

Then at this point, your only option is to disable that option. CEC version had to be updated with the implementation of 17.1. Loss of options is more than likely going to be a libcec GitHub - Pulse-Eight/libcec: USB CEC Adapter communication Library http://libcec.pulse-eight.com/ issue.

Aww, that’s a major, major bummer.

No more falling asleep to nature documentaries!

At least until I can reinstall some older versions.

Thank you.

If you are using an option that either attempts to shutdown or standby the pi, you are doing it wrong. These should be disabled since those options are not supported on pi and result in requiring you to power pull. You will eventually end up with a corrupt sdcard that will require a complete reinstall if you continue to pull power like this.


Hence my dismay that the playback controls in CEC are broken/gone.

My pi is meant to run 24/7.

But you can disable the shutdown/standby options! This allows the pi to run 24/7 right? I don’t understand why it’s such a hairy deal if the media continues to play after the TV is turned off. It’s certainly the lesser of two evils here…

The problem is that my speaker setup does not support CEC, and thus, the sound keeps playing.

Which can be bothersome when Attenborough pokes an elephant at 4 in the morning.

Can’t send the sound through the tv due to bad hdmi ports causing audio popping.

Yep… So does Pause/Stop playback work with Action when switching to another source?

It does.

The option just doesn’t exist for the standby anymore.

Might be worth a bug report to pulse eights github I linked above then.

They say it’s got nothing to do with libCEC.
They’re pointing at Kodi as the culprit.

You could always try raising it on the kodi forum. If it is a kodi issue you will get a wider audience there.

If you find a solution please do come back and post it here, as I’m sure it would be useful for others.

I have to also say that I would be surprised as actually this thread doesn’t indicate that it ever was implemented in Kodi


Anyhow maybe instead of waiting for Kodi/libcec to fix it use tvservices as these guys


in one of the recent updates of kodi it was possible to select to pause playback on tv power off. This option in the CEC settings is gone now. Could you please integrate it again or is this something i need to address to the kodi developers?


@no6mis I moved your post here assuming you asking the same

@fzinken, thank you, its the same issue.

And yes, I can confirm that it was implemented in kodi but now it is gone.