CEC annoyances

After a few days running the Vero 2 as a drop-in replacement for the Vero 1 I’m quite happy. The device really is noticeably snappier than the Vero 1.

One problem I face now with the CEC implementation:

When I turn off my TV (usually I set the receiver to the TV box as input and then turn the TV off) , sometimes the TV goes off - the receiver waits a while and then goes off (so far so good), but then the TV turns on again, the receiver as well and is set to Vero 2 as input. If I then change the input to the TV box and turn the TV off again - it turns off, and turns off the receiver (as the old Vero always did).

So I’d like to know if anyone has a guess as to which CEC signal might trigger this and if the Vero 2 can be set to ignore it.

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