CEC doesn't work with LG C9


So I can’t get CEC to work with my new LG C9. I have enabled the SIMPLINK setting on the TV and did actually work for brief period but since then my Vero hasn’t been responding to the TV remote. I tried powering both off for some time and restart them but it’s the same. Any ideas for troubleshooting this?

Logs: https://paste.osmc.tv/asuluzuhap

The TV is not responding to CEC messages

[ 420.779472] cectx aocec: cec_ll_tx(): tx timeout

Did the TV get a firmware update recently?

Yes, there was a firmware update (v. 04.70.05) the other day, shortly after I got it. So that’s what broke it?

That’d be my guess - we haven’t changed anything CEC related for a long time.

Does CEC work on any other connected devices?

Ah, that’s a shame. Only other device I have to test is an RPi2 with RetroPie installed and that doesn’t work either with CEC.

LG might fix it shortly or there may be a way to downgrade

Thanks for the responses, I’ll just wait and see for a bit. It’s not that big of a deal because the Vero remote is excellent in the first place.

I will try and build a workaround

Hi Sam,

I just got a LG B9 and it seems I’m having the same problem. I just posted on a different thread, so could you give a quick look at?


No need. I got it working, however, with a somewhat strange setup. Setting the “Device Type” as “Blu-ray/DVD Player”, “Manufacturer” as “Best Buy” (could probably have been any manufacturer on the list) and then skipping the remote setup step so that “Set For Universal Remote” is deemed “Incomplete”.

So consider this issue resolved. Happy new year.