CEC problem with Kodi

on my rpi2 i’ve installed the last kodi version (krypton) following this thread ([TESTING] Kodi 17 (Krypton) builds for Raspberry Pi (continued)) but CEC doesn’t work, so i can’t use my tv remote control

How can fix it? I read that can be a problem with libcec version but i can’t find the solution


Did you try to fully power off (unplug power cord) of TV and Pi and then power on TV + Pi?
Which TV brand do you have?

I have tried without success, it’s a Samsung Smart TV

With LibreElec + Kodi 16 it works correctly

Have you upgraded the TV firmware?

No, in the same condition LibreElec + Kodi 16 works but OSMC + Kodi 17 doesn’t

The last version for my TV on samsung website is 1160.6. i’ve installed this but it doesn’t work

They both use different versions of libCEC.

Jarvis uses 3.x
Krypton uses 4.x

So I would test behaviour with libCEC on OSMC and Kodi Jarvis (v16) first.

OSMC with Kodi Jarvis works fine, how can i fix the problem with Krypton?

I’ve found a workaround for use CEC with Krypton version: if i disable CEC from samsung menu and the renable it works correctly