CEC problem with Samsung TV

Newest updates, doesn’t change anything for me. Also tested upgrade to Kodi 18 alpha, with absolutely the same problems.

Some interesting news. For me it could been indeed a Samsung problem, because today I had the actual automatic firmware upgrade to 1480. As far as I can tell the automatic anynet connection seems to work again. A few times turned on/off TV and changed source, but it works… now it’s to early to say that it works perfect, i will look at the function the next days, but my hopes are awakened.

I can confirm the same as MoD256. I have updated the Samsung firmware to 1480 too and tried switching from Kodi to TV and also turning the TV off and on again. CEC is working in both cases and I can control Kodi.

For me the solution with the Samsung Update (1480) still works . Eventually a few other Samsung owners also can confirm this positive?

I can confirm on my side it’s working well since Samsung has updated the TV to 1480…
It took them 8 Months to repair this…

Yes, it seems to be fixed with the new Samsung TV update 1480. :smiley:

Thanks, this helped me as well :slight_smile:

All working fine for me.
Just needed to use a heavy-duty HDMI cable (a big thick one, like a leather belt), and then everything works :slight_smile:
I think it’s a high-speed or 2.0 HDMI cable.

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Best FREAKING advice ever, been struggling with this issue for more then a year. Never thought of this, crap changing cable standards. Your my hero for today mate 0/