CEC (TV Power-Off) sets the device on Standby

I think it would be great if it was possible to choose a CEC mode to set the device (in my case Raspberry pi 3 B+) in standby (not shutdown), when the TV is turned off.

This would make it possible to set the sleep timer on my TV, and when the TV shuts down, the Raspberry Pi could go in Standby (minimum power consumption, without power off).

The only reason i don’t want it to power off, is that i can’t wake it again, unless i add a power button or remove/add the power cord, which is a no go for me, as the box is high on a shelf.

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Hey there, Honestly, i like your idea on that and i would like to put my raspberry pi on standby mode but i believe that if you set a screensaver on kodi, maybe it could possibly use minimal power and if that doesn’t work then you could probably see if Librelec has something like that or see if there is an open-source addon for github. Anyway, sorry the developers have not replied to your post and i hope they will someday.

Hey there @duplex i was just looking at a similar post and there is this person who modified the Custom shutdown timer, I hope this will come in handy and hope you have a great day.

I would like this too, only I use a AVR and no TV so I would like to have the rpi go to standby when the AVR turns goes to standby.
For me another option would be if the pi turns the display off when the AVR goes to standby, that way at least my display would go to sleep.

It would be nice if there were options to choose from in the CEC settings or if the CEC event would trigger something that we could hook a script to.

The Pi doesn’t implement a standby mode, so this isn’t possible.

This is possible on Vero 4K/4K+ – there are sleep and wake Python scripts which can be invoked.

I think I haven’t explained what I mean correctly.

I am using an AVR connected to a Rpi and a display. Switching off the avr doesn’t switch off the display. However shutting down the hdmi on the pi does.

in previous versions of osmc I used cec-client to check for powerdown of the AVR and used vcgencmd to turn display_power off.

In the recent version of osmc I can’t run cec-client while kodi is running.
So I am looking for a way to hook into kodi’s cec-client to be able to turn the display on and off.

The CEC bus on Raspberry Pi is not a shared bus. Once one application is consuming it, it cannot be used by other applications.