Change defaul tvheadend Stream Profile from "pass" to "matroska" on the Raspberry Pi

I think the MKV files (matroska video) are smaller, and works better on the raspberry pi (at least on my Raspi)

mkv is just a container for the stream(pass), and pass is just the direct stream from your tuner… should be no difference…

But is easier to copy and use with players like VLC, i have mine set to MKV for this reason.


Ok, I know.
But with Matroska it works without jerking on my raspi: [video-voice-lags-every-few-seconds][1]
I don’t know why but it’s an workaround …
[1]: Video/voice lags every few seconds after update

I have set mkv format only because my lg smart tv can properly handle only this format by accessing on the network via DLNA