Change OSMC boot screen/image

I am a customiser at heart, and enjoy customising all my technology(You should see my laptop ;))!

Is it possible to change the boot screen of my raspberry Pi OSMC to a custom image? I would keep an OSMC logo watermark, if you are worried about debranding…

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There is currently no supported way of doing this and also nothing on the roadmap.

Is there a splash file?

Yes but i don’t know where it is.

It’s not very well hidden - it’s just a png called /usr/splash.png :slight_smile: It should ideally be 1920x1080 pixels as the program we use to display it does not do anti-aliased scaling so it will be a little jaggy if it has to be scaled.

Also I think we went back to booting with a 16 bit frame buffer on the Pi so an image with a lot of gradients may show some banding.

There is also /usr/splash_sad.png which is displayed if Kodi crashes.

Of course these files will get overwritten if the splash-osmc package gets updated as they are not intended to be customised.


I knew they would be overwritten in an update… Still, if it was easy enough I could replace the image each update! :slight_smile:

Thanks for telling me where to find them.


When I try to copy my image, the Pi says ‘problem copying files’. I am using the inbuilt file manager. Is there another method for this? :fearful:

have you tried with an sftp connection and root account?

You won’t be able to copy it with the kodi file manager - the file is owned by root.

Best bet would be to copy the file to /home/osmc first and then from ssh:

sudo cp splash.png /usr/

Worked perfectly! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I tried a similar thing, but, now i dont see a splash screen. Instead, just scrolls a lot of lines of code, like it did prior to splash screen. Not sure what i’m missing. Is there a limit on the file size?

Are you sure it was a png ?

Yes, it’s a png file, “splash.png”, opening on my desktop, 347kb and 1816*1022 pixels.

And if you resize it to 1920x1080 ?

Nopes, still did not work.

No idea then sorry - the splash screen is not designed to be user customisable.

What I do know is that the program that displays the splash image is very simple and basic so you might have to experiment with the encoding of the file or re-encode it using a different program.

Sure, thanks. And, congrats on the lastest stable release.

Just tried this, created 1920x1080 png image and it works :smile:
So I’m probably going to build a theme at some point.

My image was on a faded black background so I was able to see that there was a thick black border around the image, the original by contrast has a very thin border.
My colour depth defaulted to 24bit… and didn’t crash it.
Incidently when Kodi fully boots it overscans too wide and I have to use the samsung tv remote and select ‘just scan’ annoying as most of the time the TV forgets the setting.
I tried the zoom function but that doesn’t look right and the video calibration thing is just too scary.

It’s not Kodi that overscans - it’s your TV. Just scan disables overscan on the TV.

I also have a Samsung TV and don’t have any problem with saving the picture size setting - on most Samsungs you have an option to save picture settings “only for this input” or similar - I use this to set Just Scan on my HDMI input for Kodi separate to other inputs.

Sometimes text scrolls over my splash screen, however it doesn’t effect it. I just go with it! :blush: