Chapter skip broken

i have noticed the chapter skip forward is broken in the last few builds, not sure when it started.

does this work for anyone else on the Vero4K+?

if it does, what skin files are responsible for chapter skip? maybe i deleted something by accident in my skin mod.

Doubt it’s skin related. When you say broken, what happens?


when i click skip chapter forward movie restarts from begining.

Please post a log – that is quite odd.

here you go

The log is blank – make sure you select All Logs



Not sure if it’s entirely linked but I have found chapter skipping to be quite wonky on most occasions. Skipping to the next chapter often just freezes up the video and then I have to press short-forward or short backward (10 secs) for it to unfreeze. Sometimes it works as intended. I have mentally made peace with this behavior so it doesn’t bother me as much.

It doesn’t happen with all videos but still happens quite frequently. Not sure if whether the way chapters are muxed into a video is the culprit or if it’s Kodi related…

log fixed above.

test video was: The 5th Wave (2016)_Atmos.UHD Blu-ray.HDR.mkv

chapter skip back works fine

Is this a UHD remux?
UHD remuxes don’t store chapter markers on key frames. There’s a patch for this which we had in v17.6, but I seem to recall this causing an issue in v18.4.

I’m happy to re-add if you’d be willing to test.

i can defn test.

i will also test with a BD remux now

I suspect your issue will only occur with remuxes but some confirmation would be great.

issue is present with BD remux as well

Yes – because remuxes do not use align chapters with key frames.

it used to work on v18.0

We didn’t release Kodi v18.0 for OSMC.

18.1 then, whatever the first v18 release was.

just a FYI, i just tried a folder rip of a UHD disc and a folder rip of a Blu-ray disc, same results

Have you tried with any other content?
How did you rip the disc?


i have full disk rips and MKV’s

Unencrypted full disc rips created with MakeMKV as are my MKV’s

Okay, those will be affected. I’ll produce a build with a fix shortly, but it will need some testing for regressions